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Re: Messages via Mediumships
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 1 June 2014
In Response To: Messages via Mediumships (Brandy)

Hello Brandy

Well to be totally honest, I have had to think long and hard about this question. It is not that query is difficult; it is more that I wanted to be objective in my reply to you.

Without doubt we all know ‘change’ is a constant, which falls upon us all. Spiritual knowledge, awareness and understanding are no exception. With change, there are always positive and of course negative implications. Regarding matters of spirituality, nowadays there is so much confusion: many are misinformed, and to be frank a lot of 'protagonists' within spiritual concepts make those with common-sense sound odd to say the least. May I explain? Nowadays, spiritual ideas have had a major shift. Not all things are for the better; Spiritualism was blighted by outdated religious intonation, and is still set in its old ways. Nonetheless, spiritual mediumship yesterday and today is primarily about a few certain things: proof of survival of life beyond physical death and philosophical knowledge whilst supporting the furtherance of peace and understanding for the family of humanity, the environment and stability of the greater concepts of the universe. Sounds a lot, but in reality it is simplistic, through its countenance with the great power of all things who’s known by many names from the native North American Sioux Indian as Wakan Tanka to God...

Let’s take the first point within the template of being a spiritual medium as “Proof of survival of life beyond physical death". For more years than I care to remember, my spirituality has driven me to support the bereaved, grieving and lonely, who have in their minds lost their dearest loved-one. You have an opportunity as a ‘Spiritual Medium’ to lift the veil of loss, hearth-ache and pain. If you have three words to pass to a grieving person, would you pick an obscure word or random number...? It is your choice. I, however, within the comprehension of spirituality would perchance use the ‘3 Words’ that mean everything to the grieving soul. Just three words, significant to the person you are trying to help, which will give proof of survival beyond physical death, reassurance of continuity of the ‘Soul’, and that the great bond of love never dies.

Please don’t feel I am being presumptuous or rude because what you describe should be wholly within the realms of theatrical ensemble, the illusionist, prankster or fame and fortune seekers we hear so much of in this day and age. For my part, which is held with my spiritual companions, is the whole exercise of spiritual communication, and would be a waste of the most valuable commodity in the universe. What I speak about is more valuable than gold, silver or platinum. What we are talking about is the great and eternal link between humanity. For the never-ending link is the builder of the universe, the composite which holds the ‘Two-Great Worlds’ together – it is priceless, because it is known as - love...

So again, please do not think in any way I am being rude, or pugnacious. I just find it sad when one hasn’t grasped the importance and essence of what ‘Spiritual Mediums’ take upon within their spiritual responsibilities. The exercise you mention should be left to the misguided or profanely irresponsible, who walk in the lowlands of ignorance. Least of all, those who use this type of parlour game should realign their use of the wonderful virtues that the ‘Great Spirit’ of all things has bestowed upon each and every one of us.

In Eternal Light and Peace


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