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Re: Puzzled
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 May 2014
In Response To: Puzzled (Linda)

Dear Linda

Thank you for your interesting words. Personally, by persuasion I am a fatalist, believing that all things happen for a reason. Nevertheless, one also realises certain situations occur through the movement of our earthly lives, of which we can’t explain. Perhaps, this is part of the character of life, and one should, like many, accept the view that some things, for the best part, are unexplainable. Of course, I can’t draw upon any conclusion, to what exactly happened, because I wasn’t there and I am not party to the facts and influencing factors of your story.

Regarding the other situation, this I believe falls into many possibilities. In spite of this, I consider you are reading too much into a situation which similarly happens to everyone. If you were to drown and your earthly life was to have expired, it would have happened for a reason. In short, the law of logic would have applied; however, it hadn’t and like most people, we simply put it down to experience, our blessings, or you could say: ‘It wasn’t my time’..

You refer to your sister having cancer, and indicate she didn’t get over her physical illness. Again, things happen for one person and not another – a word I often refer to is “Fate”. Destiny plays its part through everyone’s life. Sometimes we seem to be benefactors; at other times in our lives, it seems to work against us. I really feel you are reading too much into these situations. Often this is a reflection of our inner insecurities, or through lack of spiritual knowledge. In life, we have a simple lesson to accept or reject at our will. Perchance you should try to look upon life as a natural movement, providing opportunity, variety and involvement, through the ‘natural order’ of all things. You should try to grasp the simplicity of the unfoldement of your divine nature, which takes you along your pathway through this life and for the future.

In conclusion, rather than ask a medium for an answer, why not open your mind and look for the answer yourself. Please remember not all mediums are counsellors, nor do they hold the spiritual verity to grasp the concepts of wider vision and spiritual comprehension.

Showers of Light and Peace


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