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Re: Reincarnation
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 20 April 2014
In Response To: Reincarnation (Margaret)


Sorry for the late reply, but like everyone in this world, we all work to a busy schedule.

This question is one I have answered on many occasions through the pages of my answers in ‘Spiritualist Resources’. There is little more I can add on to this aspect of spiritual understanding, other than you look at a spiritual situation, and try to solve your problem from a material perspective. Simply, the knowledge we have is like looking through the ‘keyhole’ of your home and trying to grasp the reality of the universe. So the answer lies within simplicity; when you try to look at the next dimension with spiritually evolved eyes and senses, you find the answer. The life we are in is small measure on the interconnecting and moving cycle of life. Yes, we may be here for a hundred years, this is a minuscule moment in within the continuum of time.

The answer then is relatively easy, in that your relatives will not have been incarnated. If this did perchance happen, it would be within your spiritual understanding, then you would be that evolved in the spiritual context, this question would be unrealistic to your soul awareness.

I have added a little more about the subject if you wish to delve into reincarnation a little. I would suggest a little light reading would enlighten you though...

The phrase ‘reincarnation’ is often misused or misquoted; the next world is loosely likened to a revolving-door, a movement from one place to another. Life as we know and understand it is a natural purpose. All of the ups and downs we have in our lives are part of a greater plan. I know it is difficult for you at this point in time to understand, it isn’t easy to grasp, but there is a reason for all things. Reincarnation is the exception and not the rule. Below I have added a link to the ‘Teachings of Silver Birch’; you could find some of the transcripts enlightening and may give you a greater insight into this subject. Nevertheless, I believe that a circle of events where it is not complete, would not involve reincarnation, until the cycle of life in the ‘next world is complete’ all put into effect by love, through the reunion of souls in the golden light, that moves the wheel of life forward...

Showers of light and blessings - Stephen


The Teachings of Silver Birch on: www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk

Footnote - What you must know before you die?

"Every soul knows before it incarnates into earth what it is that it will undertake. It is a free choice made by the larger self because it knows that its earthly journey is precisely the one needed to fulfil and obtain the necessary qualifications for the development of the larger self. You know the life that you are going to live. The hardships are chosen because to endure them, and to overcome them, will bring into play those latent qualities of the self which require development to add their quota to the real, the higher, the true self."

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