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Re: Medium or not
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 20 April 2014
In Response To: Medium or not (Jennifer)

Dear Jennifer

This is an interesting question, one which contains the simplest of answers. Foremost you need to be spiritually developed, and fundamentally you need to possess the gift. If you took a little time and looked back at my many answers, you would see the answer, time and time again.

Like everything in life, there is much we may desire, but is it right for us, and to what lengths are we prepared to give of ourselves for the benefits of others? Today, there is a movement of people who wish to be spiritual mediums, without giving due time, effort, deliberation and dedication to unlock their potential. Please remember: any gift, mediumship, or whatever, is received from the hands of divinity. Whoever, or whatever divinity is to you, personally, is open to your own understanding. On the whole, the family of humanity realises there is a great power – one we are all answerable to and from where everything we have comes from...

You appear to have had little opportunity to unfold any gift, whatsoever that ability may be. Too many people wish to be mediums, without realising the depth and commitment required to open the mind to enable our companions in the next dimension to interact with information in support other people. You say you sense things - everyone does - this is nothing unusual. You point to the fact that some people progress easily. Yes, they may appear to, but you should focus on your own gift and not others, what is theirs is theirs, and that is the true nature of life – both here and in the world of light.

Perhaps, you may look at some of the old books about what we used to have: ‘Great Mediums’, the likes of John Sloan, Leslie Flint, Gordon Higginson, or Emma Harding Britten; all of them took years and years of hard work, effort and dedication to open their spiritual potential. For my small part, I sat for spiritual unfoldement with my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor – Jack Corbett – for over nine years, and have spent over 30 years of working for my companions in light. Yes, was it worth it? The answer - I, like you, will only find out in the next dimension. Like the Ancient Egyptians who thought – our efforts are all weighed out, on the scales, of what we gave to others.

In conclusion, why the rush; everything takes time. Sadly we are head long rushing forward today, and perhaps that is why you, like many, are missing the point. Slow down, learn more about spiritual awareness, grasp spiritual verities and be patient. If you are meant to work as a spiritual medium, the right doors will open; if not, then move into another area of opportunity – the choice is yours...

In Light and Illumination


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