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Negative in the Universe?
Date: 8 April 2014

Hello Stephen Wakeling,
Is there anything negative in the Universe? Many different religions believe in both heaven and hell. I have herd of near death experiences most people have described them as heavenly but few people have described their NDEs as hellish.

I have heard about some people have visions of hell shown to them by God in order to warn other people about reality of hell. I heard there are 7 levels of heaven, 7 levels of hell and one Void lever of absolute loneliness and nothingness.

Few people are saying that most people are going to heaven but few very bad people are going to go to hell for some time before they will learn their lessons there and will be able to move into higher realms of heaven. Loved ones can visit them in hell to help them to go out of the hell as soon as possible. I have heard that if a person passes away in peace they will go to heaven but if a person passes away in guiltiness hatred toward others they will go to hell ot at least they will have visions of hell in afterlife.

Also some people are saying that afterlife is going to be as you want it to be. For example, if someone thinks there is just heaven, he will go there in afterlife, but if someone thinks that he may end up in hell for whatever reason, they may go to hell as a result of it. Also I have heard that nobody sands people to hell. It is only their decision to be there. Also I have heard about real cases of demonic possessions. Are they really caused by demonic spirits? Where demonic spirits do came from? Are there bad spiritual beings in the Universe? I am very confused about unpleasing afterlife (hell). Is there really hell?

Can you please explain everything you know about hell, anything bad, negative in the universe and about bad spiritual beings if they exist? I am very open minded person.

Thank you.

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