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Medium or not
Date: 8 April 2014

Hi Stephen I joined a circle 4 years ago, I get my info by feelings on my body and pictures, I have trouble tunning in to the message. My group stoped about two mth due to our leader leaving and then the church decided that we should run the group ourselves with some support.

However I wasn't ready, how can I get messages when I have trouble tunning in. Since then everything has come to a halt I still see spots of coloured orbs in my house that's about it. I have been told that I am a medium and the same women who said this to me has been spot on with other things. I am bit lost do I just forget all that time I put in. it's interesting some people just seem to progress quite easily, why I wonder would I have been shown some strong visual picture then not be able to identify the meaning of why I was seeing what I was seeing I find this very strange. I tried meditation kept falling asleep, cards have never worked for me. time to time I get vibrations randomly from people I've seen the odd spirit, a medium gardian angel whilst she was working on the plaitform, also a pendent of a women from the 1900 at a remote location. Yet I can't seem to the message mmmmmmmmmm so you can see.

What is the point getting the random stuff when you don't receive a message of why. Hope you can help maybe their is other's out their who feel the same and what can I do to receive the message (smile)

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