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Re: High sence of intuition.
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 May 2010
In Response To: High sence of intuition. (Prad)

Thanks for your question, one that is a direct reference to your intuitive nature and spiritual capacity. Your reference to the squabble is not unusual, we all say things that later give us regret, often they have little direct consequence but in this instance, have lasting impact upon you. Also, because of your compassion the effect is far reaching and upsets you; again this is reflective of your personal sensitivity.

The emotional turmoil is a natural process. Indeed, one that I have been thinking about and reflecting upon when my own father passed into light way back in 1971. But like yourself it gives you a view into your own grief and shapes your spiritual enlightenment. You mention the strange feeling you had. Again, this is part of the awakening of your spirituality. The vision and sensory changes you mention are not too dissimilar to the changes that mediums have: It is an altered state of consciousness, one that is noticeable in mediums and differs from the psychics of this world, not that I am derogatory towards other people’s gifts.

It is extremely enjoyable to receive and feel the happiness and contentment that you find with being reunited with your father. It was through the great capacity of the mind that you were able to allow the movement of the two-worlds to join and for a brief moment unite with your father. This connection with the World of Light has already invigorated you and can be the bridge for others in light to use in pursuit of the true meaning of mediumship – to help others to enjoy the peace, serenity and joy of the knowledge of eternal life.

I hope your spiritual unfoldement gives light to the many you will meet who you will support with the bridge of eternity, which is built by pure love!

In Light and Peace


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