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Re: How To Find Out If I Am Gifted...
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 April 2014
In Response To: How To Find Out If I Am Gifted... (James)

Dear James

Thanks for the question, it is one that resonates on a regular theme. If one looks at basic, you soon realise that everyone possesses the qualities of mediumship or being psychic. If you want a greater insight into the differences and characteristics of ‘Mediums or Psychic’, may I suggest you look at my website http://www.stephenwakeling.com where you will find that the subject is broached in greater depth and detail.

Again back to basics. If you are gifted then whatever gift - artist, lorry driver, bank clerk, pilot, poet, or medium - opportunities will open. Whether you wish to pursue them is open to the individual’s desires and motivation. Yes our spiritual companions will help and support our efforts. Yet the critical factor is: are you truly gifted, will you give years of dedication to unfold the gift, and what is your inner-motivation. That is an answer to whom you perceive as your God...

Many so called mediums and psychics throw the proverbial ‘You are gifted’, or ‘You could do this’... But the ‘64 Thousand Dollar Question’ is still the same ‘Are you really gifted?’ If you try to remember this old adage from my old Spiritual Teacher – Jack Corbett: “There is no short cut to mediumship”. It really does take a life-time and more to open your spiritual capacity to the higher vibrations of light and to be able to transfer stream of knowledge into the earthly world in what we call time.

Now to answer the point you raise in your last paragraph. Again if you are gifted, opportunity will come, though if you sit and wait for it to happen, you will have a very long wait. I would suggest you attend a ‘Spiritual Centre/Church' and look for someone who can be of assistance. I am afraid to say, today, this is far more difficult than it was 30 years ago. Spiritualism is on the decline, locked within its self-indulgences and inadequacies to move forward. The days of singing old fashioned Victorian and Edwardian Hymns, which mean little in this changing world, are long gone. People don’t want to be preached to. Nowadays the public wants more options, and most certainly less orthodox religious doctrines. Individuals seek knowledge, awareness and open-minded answers to the process of life, eternity and enlightenment. Therefore and because of this, it may be difficult, though if you place effort into your spiritual desires, you will find the right door; and with effort, it will open for you. For this I wish you well; though I know from personal experience, it will be fraught with difficulties, but worth the time, patience and effort – the rewards one-day will be of the highest.

In light and for knowledge of inner-enlightenment



Please note that mediumship is not just about giving a message to another person. There are many ways in which a person can serve. For example, nowadays, I take very few spiritual meetings, yet I serve more now, in another capacity than I ever did in the past.

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