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Re: Smudging and removal of negativity
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 March 2014
In Response To: Smudging and removal of negativity (Laura)

Dear Laura

I have looked at this question, which is not too dissimilar to one I had a few years ago. I don’t want to appear to be blunt, but I find it strange you are asking me a question in what I would apportion to the concept of paranormal activity.

Obviously, I am aware it is far too easy to glance at paranormal matters, rather than natural occurrences. Nonetheless, I have looked at the question of ‘Smudging’ and placed a footnote at the bottom of my answer, for the benefit of people who are unaware of the subject. Even so, I find it rather sad and peculiar to say the least, when people believe that something earth based, can effect change within the realms of spiritual interaction. Everything comes about from the ‘World of Light’, including the essence of life itself. Yes, in the distant past, people interacted with all manner of sorcery, witchcraft, charms and magical spells. Sorry, if I sound like I am talking about the ‘Wizard of Oz or Lord of the Rings’, perhaps if you open your mind to the concept of light, you will really grasp the realisation of knowledge and understanding. Of course we, for the most part, live within a relatively ‘free’ world. As such, one can follow which ever pathway one wishes, as long as it does not impose upon other people’s points of view.

Taking all things into account, you will gain strength and support from the reality of normal interaction between the ‘World of Light and Peace’. One should realise our spiritual companions from the next dimension are far too advanced to dwell in the lowlands of negativity and darkness. Nonetheless, positive thought (often spoken in prayer) helps many things, so will do no harm. I believe totally in positive thinking. It is light which opens the mind; darkness obscures vision, and knowledge takes away fear. Enlightenment offers peace to the soul, as it progresses and moves forward towards its eternal setting.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing indulgence in paranormal experiences, apparitions, ghosts and psychic phenomena. People seek whatever they wish in life. Some things are of interest to some, and not to others. The problem though is the foolhardy often leave a trail of sadness and confusion to what is a natural process of life, both here and in eternity. For my part, I only work in light, and over the years have learnt to overcome any fears or trepidation about those who have moved beyond the physical world, who are now in perpetual light and peace.

Anyway, I wish you well on your journey of life with your beautiful new home – seek enlightenment and you will surely live to appreciate and enjoy it by gaining inner-peace and spiritual understanding

In Light and Happiness


Footnote - Smudging

For those who are interested in ‘Smudging’. It is often associated with people who feel the need to cleanse or purify themselves, a room, an object or another person. For those with interest in the subject it is said they can perform a smudging ritual.

Smudging is a “Native American” ritual used in purification ceremonies to cleanse and balance the aura or energies of people, places and objects. To smudge, one needs to light a smudge stick, or a densely packed bundle of dried sage herbs. The lit sage bundle produces a cloud of fragrant smoke, which you can waft around a person, or place, that needs spiritual cleansing.

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