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Re: auric attacks
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 May 2010
In Response To: auric attacks (anthony)

Hi Antony many thanks for question.

I am somewhat confused by your question, but very much sympathise with your situation. In the first instance I would take the assumption that someone who has little knowledge of the ‘Auric Fields’ has imparted some misguided information to you.

Please let me explain. The Aura is an electro-magnetic force-field that surrounds ‘all living things’. The Aura is a diary of your life and cannot predict the future, but portrays your life, and made visible through the energy shown in various colours and patterns. You refer to an attached problem, my suggestion is two parts. First you need to talk to someone who is spiritually enlightened, possesses knowledge and has the capacity to speak with authority and credibility. Secondly, if the condition still continues I would suggest you seek the advice of a qualified Doctor or Medical Practitioner who is capable of giving a diagnostic review. Simply the aura cannot be locked in to; you may be within a situation where people are not conducive to your own life plans, expectations or desires.

In conclusion I find it distressing that there are so many people who purport to have spiritual knowledge and do not. Perhaps the desire of these people is fame, fortune or personal glorification, there is growing number of individuals who have little, or no grasp, of the importance and personal responsibility of imparting information to others. The answer is simple! Gain knowledge, light, understanding and you will live a physically rewarding life through spiritual peace and harmony.

May I suggest that you read the information I have placed on the Aura through my website www.stephenwakeling.com this may clear up a few of the question you seek.

In Light and Peace


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