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Re: Is our life mapped out?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 March 2014
In Response To: Is our life mapped out? (Rebecca)

Dear Rebecca

A most interesting question, though I feel it will take more than a few words to unravel the mysteries of the interaction of life.

There are many views and I can only provide you with mine, so the conclusion you make will have to be wholly through your own understanding of life. Nonetheless, I believe and the many teachings I have received show that life is a series of changes, and this life is only a part of a greater plan. If your life was completely mapped out, as you say – there would be no purpose in being here at all. It would be illogical if everything was going to happen at a certain time and place.

Try to look at life as a continuous movement, which physically started from the moment of conception, until we leave this world at physical death, and enter upon a greater journey in eternity. Whilst we are on this journey, we all have burdens and trials. Some people appear to have easier or better lives than others, though without spiritual understanding we only look from the outside in. Spirituality offers a wider and deeper perspective, and allows one to see beyond the mask of a person’s persona. The spiritually attuned gain an awareness of other deeper situations, emotions and feelings. All this as it may, perhaps if you look at this life as a journey which takes a person from one point to another. The analogy of ‘Map’ might help. If we as travellers, look at a map: it will indicate a route between two points. If you were travelling you may go direct at an excessive speed, or try a more sedate journey – remember in most parts of this world we have choice, though sadly not everywhere... Along your journey you will see signs, warnings and information. Like life, you may choose to take note, or disregard at your peril. Whether fast or slow, through fair or foul weather, the journey continues. Like anything, you can take a short route or a longer one, taking advice along your route, or not. During your journey, you will be aware of signs, some offering advice, others with useful information, perhaps a no-entry, slow down, a cul-de-sac, or a warning that the road ahead presents hidden perils. Even with sound advice, it is you who will decide to depart to the north, when it may have been better to go south, moving east, rather than west. However long or short your journey, you will have moved through many changing situations.

Of course there will be difficulties, mistakes and triumphs, but if your journey was pre-ordained and you knew all of the outcomes, you wouldn’t have been here at all. Why you may ask? Simple, there would have been no point, as we enter this life not just for our benefit, but for the betterment of the whole of humanity. We are part of the ‘Great Tapestry of Life’, like a small part within the component building blocks of the universe, a piece in a great mosaic. Our lives are all important because we develop our personalities, individualities, working out our own salvation, upon the ‘Potter Wheel of Life’.

Yes, gaining a message as you mention is important. If you think about it in depth, you will realise these messages are to help the travellers as they move through this life. It is very similar to a journey from one city or town to another. Along the way there is excitement, challenges and opportunity. The mediums who pass a message are only a ‘signpost’, you will accept or reject the information, and then carry again on your journey. Please don’t fall into the trap and believe mediums know all about you. Though some allude to knowing more about you, the reality is they don’t. Fate always plays its hand, there are certain situations that will happen, but the test is how we face them, build and support others. This is the process of life.

You mention ‘Tarot Cards’. Personally they are not for me, but everyone has a choice. Tarot Cards work upon a psychic level, and are not within the realms of a ‘Spiritual Mediums’, simply horses for courses. If they fit into your own expectations – great! They may be accurate from your perspective, though they have their limitations, unlike the mind and spiritual unfoldement whose parameters are boundless and continue beyond the movement of this life and out in the realms of eternity...

I am sorry that I have only the limitations of time to explain the theory I and many others hold. I am a fatalist at heart, what happens will happen. But the journey of all aspects of life, the trials and tribulations, and the kaleidoscope we behold through the chemistry of life give the text, colour and vibrancy, which makes the journey worthwhile. If we knew everything that was to happen, wouldn’t it be boring, wasteful and a journey with little or no value...

On a final note, this is an anecdote from my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett: “If we were to see the whole path ahead, perhaps we would be reluctant to tread it.”

With my column on ‘Spiritualist Resources’, I have long since given up on getting any feedback, it is a very rare thing, one that hardly happens, so I wish you well on your journey.

Peace and Light


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