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Re: What happends to the soul or the astral-body after a head / brain transplant?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 February 2014

Dear Vincent

Thank you for a very interesting and in-depth question. However, first of all I feel it appropriate to take a look at the context of the question from a spiritual perspective, and gain the degree of difference between the ‘Two-Worlds’ and the interaction of the soul within each of them. I believe the fundamental issue is you have to discover the interaction and purpose of the soul, and its primary role within the physical body. So let’s take a step back. What is the soul? The soul is the essence of all things, a spark of divinity, that without we would simply not exist. For a point of reference, the soul is akin to this philosophical explanation: “The Soul is spiritual energy that manifests itself through the physical body”, within the spiritual, etheric and physical bodies, giving the representation of the three parts: Physical, Spiritual and Soul.

Now let us look closer at your question. Of course, science will develop and open up new corridors of expertise. Yes, medical science will continue to unfold and develop. We can now have heart/liver/lung transplants amongst many other things, and all manner of new pioneering and innovative operational procedures are being discovered. Nonetheless, medicine cannot give the one most important thing – life itself! You mention a transplant of a monkeys head. Of course this may happen, all things advance and move forward, it is the nature of life... But if a body, monkey or man, is physically dead, then at the point of what we term as ‘death’, the soul returns to its true home in the ‘World of Perpetual Light’. Once we have passed from this life, the body returns to the earth, and proves to be the plankton for future generation. Metaphorically, one realises the whole of this great world is the tomb of man, and our lives are built upon those who have gone before us. Again, I point to the state of physical death. If a transplant is successful, the body will continue to live on. If however, the ‘Cord of Light’ is broken, then your journey in this world is completed, there is no coming back – you move forward into light. The ‘Chord’ often referred to as the ‘Golden Chord’, is the link between the souls, spiritual body and the physical earthly body. Once it is severed, there is no coming back; the question about the ‘monkeys head’ would be that the cord would still be intact.

From a non-medical perspective, one would envisage all of the natural connections to the physical body and main organs are intact. If this is so and the ‘Chord’ is not broken, the nature of life in this world continues; if not, we all move forward into light. What you ask is all relatively simple in that the energy of the body does not return back to its soul group. Of course, there is connection of thought and mind, which will reach its natural equilibrium when you have ceased your travels through this world, and you have become physically deceased, at the point of earthly death...

I believe I have answered your question in relation to what happens to the soul, or the astral-body, after a head, or brain transplant? Everything fits into a natural process of birth into this world, and rebirth into the next. Please don’t try to look too deeply at the complexity of life. If you do, you will miss the most important point – simplicity. There is a point in which we realise that answers only come when we have developed enough to understand the movement of life. Sometimes we have to accept, or reject, all comes to everyone within the context of knowledge. Sometimes though, we cannot understand; so try the other option and accept and live, within the limitations of every individual. Ultimately, all will be revealed within the collective, though not in this world of earth.

With thoughts of acceptance and wisdom

In Light and Peace


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