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Re: Suffering, why?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 May 2010
In Response To: Suffering, why? (Tricia)

Hello Tricia

This is a question I hear quite often and a situation all of us encounter during you physical lives. First of all, one may look at the fact that the physical body has only a period of time to live, only a few moments, a hundred years, or more. But the physical body has no gifts, it is the spiritual or Soul that possesses all of the potential gained from the great sources that man calls God. The divine gift of life is within us all, because we are now in the World of Earth, and because of this we are subject to the laws of the physical.

Therefore, the physical body deteriorates has time passes by. I am in the autumn of my life, and can’t do things of my youth; it is the reality of the passing years. Because of the aging of the body, the slowing down, we become susceptible to illness, fatigue and other debilitating conditions. It is the process of time, and the natural movement of nature on the scales of time. On the point of suffering I still have difficulty when you see someone you love slip from full physical heath into pain or other incapacitating times at the latter part of this life.

Regarding the people who make silly statements about ‘learning a lesson’, this is totally unacceptable. Answers like this, show clearly that a person has gained little or no spiritual understanding. The Soul, the great illumination of divinity, is the powerhouse of all things. The soul lights the physical and when this journey is complete, returns back to its home in the eternal World of Light. One should remember that the Soul is spiritual energy that manifests itself within the physica body. May I suggest that people whose minds are in the shadows of knowledge have lessons to learn and grasp the reality of the essence of light. So sad when so many convey information that is contradictory to the true meaning of life, hopefully they will open their minds and gain enlightened spiritual truths!

Your final point about animals is important because they play a very vital and interactive part in the movement of life both here and out into the world of eternal life, love and peace.

In Light and Peace


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