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Re: Handling cold links
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 February 2014
In Response To: Handling cold links (Anna)

Hello Anna

First of all may I point to vagueness about your question? With so few words, I will have to come to an assumptive reply, though taking a calculated deduction is not my usual course of action. Nonetheless, I have taken the view that you are referring to a change in temperature, and as such, making a point about either ‘hot or cold’ points, or intensities of energy...

If this is the question you seek, there is a very simple answer. The changes are a receptiveness to what is known as ‘conditions’, and is contributory to ‘awareness’. The terminology of ‘awareness’ is often confused, but within the spiritual fraternity, it is a reference to those who seek understanding, responsive within spiritual vibrations. Be that as it may, knowledge appertains to both physical and spiritual conditions. However, within the understanding of spiritual matter, there is confusion owing to people thinking that something cold is bad. All of this thinking is ridiculous, because this is systematic of those who dabble within the negativity held within the shadows of the paranormal. As there is light, there is darkness, the same as hot and cold. Each has their own fundamental role to play within the structure of energy. Like colour, we need contrast to provide a wider perspective of the greater picture of life.

The conclusion is simple. You need to gain spiritual understanding and acceptance of spirituality, through the course of spiritual awareness. I would suggest you go to a Spiritualist Church/Centre and ask someone who is capable of helping you to unfold your spirituality. I am sorry this may not be to easy, there are few teachers; so perhaps read, or look through the pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’, accept and reject at will and as the old adage says “seek and you will find”... Knowledge takes away fear, and leads you to the illumination of the mind and soul.

Finally, your reference about being of a young age: in the old days, we had truly great spiritual mediums that were very young. My spiritual teacher was only 14 when he travelled extensively throughout Europe. But in those far off days, mediums spent years developing their gifts, and gaining teaching from others. Yes, we had great teachers, and willing pupils who gave time and effort, spiritually speaking, for free. Nowadays, we are in a fast materially focused world, of wanting ‘everything today’. With spirituality, it all takes time, effort and commitment. However, building your foundations gives you awareness of spiritual matters, which takes away fear, and moves you forward into the world of enlightenment and peace.

Showers of peace and light


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