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Re: Can Spirits tell lies
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 February 2014
In Response To: Can Spirits tell lies (Jane Doe)

Dear Jane

Thanks for your question; though short, it does offer a myriad of ideas and thoughts. However with my reply being in written format, I will try to be succinct in my answer.

First of all, there are many who believe they are receiving a message from a higher authority when in fact they are not. Perhaps we all have fell into that trap at some point in our spiritual unfoldement. Of course one also has to realise that ‘like attracts like’, so those in this world, who seek for the wrong reasons, may well be interlinked with a discarnate soul from the next dimension who does not offer the light we all seek. Nonetheless, the ‘World of Light and Peace’, is wholly logical, and with highly advanced spiritual beings, provides light and the purpose, truth and goodness will always prevail. Why, you may ask? Simply because the natural order and divine purpose of life, its continuum, is a purpose for the betterment of humanity...

We know the ill informed in this world often seek devious methods for their own self-glorification and financial wealth. Within your question you are asking about personal and emotional matters. Perhaps the thoughts are locked into a bad experience, or negativity, whilst in this world. It would be against the principles of eternal life for someone in the next dimension to dwell on discord, destructive memories, or emotions, held within a person's psyche. Once a person moves from the veil of this lower vibrational world of earth, light enters into, even the most lost of souls. Matters that are important in this world evaporate, like icicles in the full rays of the sun. Material important of this world, like self, money, sex and personal gain, hold no value, they are things of the past. So why would a person now residing in the next world of ‘Light and Illumination’ pass over a message of lies? They would not, because of the restraints of the world of light. All souls, who have moved beyond the veil of physical death, immediately gain a greater fulfilment of the purpose of eternal life. Alternatively, not all who move from this dimension of earth, are archangels, perfection for all is a long way off. But those who are in the lower vibrations of eternity, have nether the energy, or ability, to pursue matters that would be indicative of negativity. Please try to remember: we all have ‘Guardians of Light’ giving protection and support. Think in light; attract light - the true concourse of living. Lies from saddened souls are left within the cobwebs of the darkened minds of yesterday.

Blessing of Light, Illumination and Happiness


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