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High sence of intuition.
Date: 11 May 2010

Dear Stephen,

For a long time I knew there was something different about my thoughts and sensitivities. In 2005 I lost my father which was unexpected. Two days before his passing I told him off for sqwabbling with my mother and I recall saying" Dad one day youll wake up and mum will be gone in her sleep, what then?" and also to Mum " One day youll also wake up and Dad will be gone, what will you do then? "

After his passing I was in emotional turmoil for a year, I had no support from anyone as my mother gave up on herself and so all my energy was ploughed into supporting her. One week before the anniversary, I was at home preparing dinner and started to feel strange, excited, laughing, giddy, happy, and it carried on for an hour or so. All through out the exp i felt light headed and somehow had visions/sences that everything was going to be ok. This feeling of elation felt like a message to say "Son, enogh is enough, look after yourself now" and sure enough from then, I became more myself, confident, happy smiley and focussed.

I am now pursuing developing my own abilities (if I have any) but Can you please help me make sence of what happened , I appreciate your time in advance.

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