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Re: Spirit Animal
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 29 January 2014
In Response To: Spirit Animal (Anonymous Inquirer)


In general I don’t answer anonymous questions, taking the view that even a pseudonym is better than nothing at all. Nonetheless, there are a few points which may help people who look at the content of the answers. As such, it is to them I give my reply.

I have read you words a few times and returned back again to them. To be honest I am a little confused to say the least. Without going into great detail, I am presuming you are referring to seeing ‘animals in the spiritual context’? If this is the case, I assure you this is nothing unusual, and often witnessed by many people. Throughout the pages of history, to ‘spiritually catch a glimpse’ of the form of the animal kingdom, has been identified as a positive sign, one of support and comfort. If the point of seeing and hearing those you describe, and the burning of a photograph, is the pivotal point within your words, then there is a simple answer - try to grasp awareness of spiritual intercourse. The next dimension is natural, a world free from our earthly limitations. For sure, the next world is one of ‘Light and Peace’, a dimension where greater knowledge and understanding enter and reside within our minds and beings. Such matters, like burning a photograph, is of no consequence, and irrelevant. The next world is above such things; even for those who populate the domain of animals and other forms of natural life. Accordingly, the burning of a photograph will hold no harm, or offence - life moves on...

On a final note, I would suggest you take away the thought of the photograph. Realise a greater ‘picture’, the one you hold in your ‘mind’s eye’; this is a visual image which can never be lost. Retaining a mental picture, like a photograph, is the key to you spirituality. So let it open, for it holds a greatest image than you can visualize, and lasts beyond life, as we all know it...

In Light and Understanding


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