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Re: Children Seeing Spirits
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 January 2014
In Response To: Children Seeing Spirits (Stella)

Dear Stella

Many thanks for a most refreshing and interesting spiritual question.

First of all, may I say, the situation you describe is not uncommon for many young children, and may well occur until your grandson enters his teenage years. Generally, what can often occur with young children is there are no barriers within the movement of ‘natural communication’ between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Principally this happens because young-ones have little or no fear. When you also understand and realise, they have few preconceived ideas, and have no fanciful ideas to clutter the communicative interaction. The biggest drawback comes when fear enters into the fray; at this point, communication is often broken and the ‘seeing’ of people in the spiritual dimension in easily lost. In simple terms, those you describe in your question, your grandmother and father, will at some point step-back, into the eternal world of light, allowing your grandson to move through the many experiences of his physical life. From this point onwards, the channel of communication is through inspiration, dreams, or with a trained spiritual medium, the natural sensory capacity is opened to see and sense the presence of those who have moved on...

One of the major problems we all have is fear built on events or occurrences, we don’t understand, and sadly perpetuated by the paranormal fraternity. Your grandson sees or senses little fear; as such, your family descendants move forward through the portal of light. One would imagine your grandson is very sensitive, and could be creative, as he moves into maturity; he will most probably realise inspirational thoughts. Yes, it happens to all of us, though for some like genuine ‘spiritual mediums’ it becomes more defined. I am not saying this is his pathway because we all receive inspiration including scientists, medical practitioners, artists, politicians, teachers and everyday people. The process of inspirational thought has aligned with mankind since the dawn of time; ideas communicated and transferring to stimulate the mind, used to enhance humanity.

I would imagine, as time goes by, your grandson will stop seeing the people you depict, even though he has become accustomed to spiritual interaction. Again you may ask why? The answer is simple: they will step-back to allow your grandson to progress through the changing seasons of his life, particularly when he reaches adolescence. However, for the time being, just see how things progress; he has realised there is no need to be alarmed, and will gain from the link between the ‘Two-Worlds’, which is love. Also, take a logical perspective, those who inhabit this dimension, come to see their grandchildren, so why should those who have crossed the ‘Bridge of Light’ have the same contact? The answer is simple: they do...

Finally, I would like to confirm the reason’s two-fold for the situation you express. First those you describe are loved-ones, helping him along; the only difference is they now reside in the ‘World of Light and Peace’, and not in this dimension. Secondly, the connection is of love, the ‘great bridge’ between all people, linked to the intuition your grandson enjoys – For this many seek, but often do not realise. Yes, he is special like all of us; one would suggest his spiritual capacity will flourish through inspiration over his many earthly years to come...

Kindest thoughts of light and realisation


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