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Re: mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 1 December 2013
In Response To: mediumship (Sean)

Dear Sean,

Thanks you for the question.

The first point is to give reference to you learning to be a medium. As such I ask the question: are you gifted for mediumship. Yes, we all have an interaction with the next world. But like most things in life, we all have ability, though with some it is more finely tuned, owing to the measure of the individual gift and potential capacity. The easiest way to convey this is to provide an analogy. I would say this and taking that we have no physical impediments: “Most of us can play tennis, or at least, hit a ball over a net”. Yet, how may achieve the standard of say - Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic? The answer must be very few. Even so, these great champions have to work very hard to build and develop their gifts, through hard work, endeavour and effort. Mediumship is exactly the same; we all have the ability, though at different levels. Mediums have to open the gift, and one still needs to work and attune to the changes of conditions faced, in a quest to reach one's potential.

There is one major problem: people hold back their spiritual development with fear... Sad when you think the only thing to fear is fear itself. Unfortunately, there is a growth in the paranormal providing negativity and that feeds fear. An old saying from many years ago is: “Fear is a cancer that eats away at the very heart of man”. Darkness works within the minds and for the unenlightened conjures up many shadowy thoughts, which combined to negativity, holds back spiritual development. Enlightenment is the ‘golden key’ for your spiritual unfoldement, so seek out only “light”, and thoughts that lie in the lowlands of ignorance will fade away, like melting ice in the warm rays of sunlight.

It is strange that so many people today are drawn towards the dark; perhaps it is the publicity or lack of awareness of the greater purpose, one never knows. But my suggestion is to think of the wonderful support this world gets from our ‘companions in light’. Seek enlightenment and any thoughts of dark, or bad spirits, will move away. You are what you are, and within the unfoldement of spiritual matters, one should remember another old adage: “Like attracts like”; I also believe that light attracts light, and within these few words lies your own answer to the question you ask...

Blessing of Light, Illumination and Happiness


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