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Re: Potential mediums
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 24 November 2013
In Response To: Potential mediums (Alice W)

Dear Alice

Thank you for your interesting and common-sense question.

Whether you have been aware of spiritual communication since you were a child, or an elderly person, is really irrelevant. What really does matter is the ‘gift’, if you are gifted to be a medium, then you have the potential; if not, I would suggest you try another avenue of experience. It really does revolve around one singular point – the gift...

Today, there are many who seek the gift of mediumship. Of course, like everything, there are varying levels or capacities, depending on the gift, spiritual unfoldement, awareness, and other influences life provides. Others having some bearing could be work, the environment you live in, general circumstances and life’s plan. Some people develop and unfold their spirituality when young; for others, it may be after a life changing experience, like a bereavement, or loss. No matter what, you cannot be a spiritual medium if you are not gifted. Take a common sense perspective view. I would have loved to have been a professional footballer. I wasn’t – why? Simple, I wasn’t gifted. Perhaps, there are many people around the world who would like to aspire to something, but can’t - again this may be because they are not gifted. So what to do? Simple, seek out what you are gifted at – we are all individual, with immense potential, find what you are special at, develop it, and be yourself. You are unique, with special gifts all specific to you, your personality, individuality and part of the make-up of what is most important – you!

In conclusion, you refer to being trained systematically. There’s a school of thought, which believe you can. But, may I ask you this: have you ever seen anyone who is really good at what they do; it could be a carpenter, sports person, writer, artist, mother or a medium. Mechanically trained people are almost robotic; gifted ones sparkle like a bright diamond. You see the difference – you can’t miss it! Why one may ask? Simple, it is the gift, shining through, natural, divine in nature, something to be treasured, nurtured and cared for. The gift for the medium is not always easy, but the reward is in service to humanity and your god, whoever that may be for you...

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