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Re: Physical mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 24 November 2013
In Response To: Physical mediumship (Deborah)

Dear Deborah

An interesting question; but one that throws up many answers because of the complexity of the subject matter you mention. The most important thing though is to take a step back, look within and ask some very basic questions.

First, are you ‘truly’ gifted for this most special of special gift? Are you prepared for a lifetime quest for spiritual unfoldement and development? What is your personal motivation for seeking the gift of ‘Physical Mediumship’?

Additionally, who is going to teach you, and where are they to be found? This may all sound rather negative until you stop and grasp the elementary reality; we are talking about a most rarefied gift.

The great mediums of the past sat to unfold the gift of ‘Physical Mediumship’ for years and years. In many cases, even after a life-span of endeavour and effort, the results were in many cases limited to say the least. A vital point is even if you are capable, you need to be taught how to use the gift correctly. Also, how to open spiritual links, so as to enlighten the gift. All of this, is through effort and perseverance. You will need to have others around you, who are prepared to give self-sacrifice, their valuable time and energy, all in pursuit of using the gift you mention, which is all for the benefit of other people. There are many who believe a transcendental state is something we can all fall into, almost at the drop of a hat... This notion is absolutely wrong; you really do have to be tremendously gifted, almost unique. Yes, one may think they have gone into a ‘Trance’ or are capable of ‘Physical Mediumship’; unfortunately more often, it is not...

All ‘Spiritual Mediums’, when working for our companions in light, move into an ‘altered state of consciousness’. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be a medium. A ‘change’ has to be seen and recognised, there needs to be a different countenance; this is what happens to a medium. In simple terms, the change is within the persona of the individual. This ‘change’ is something that differentiates the ‘Medium from the Psychic’. This does not mean there is betterment with each gift; it is just a change in vibration, which vibrates within each different gift. Every gift we have is a reflection of the whole and a spark of life, from the hand of divinity, the one mankind calls god...

If you are a person with this wonderful gift, you will need to offer more than the often rolled out version one sees so much of today. Yes there were great ‘Physical Mediums’ in the past, and there were also many charlatans and fakes. The problem with ‘Trance’, it is very unfortunately that it opens itself to the self-delusional, pretenders, imposters and fame-seekers. Sadly, there are those who believe that talking in a silly Chinese or North America Indian pseudo voice is trance – it is not! I have seen the delusional pseudo-trance make belief medium, uttering nonsensical grunts and groans. Yes, regrettable and unfortunate for the few genuine ‘Physical Mediums’ who are scattered around the world. Generally, the true ‘Trance Mediums’ seek not fame, fortune, notoriety, or venture to boost their egos. True practitioners of this rare gift do so quietly, going about their endeavours, supported by others who seek only one thing – helping humanity to understand physical death is a gateway into eternal life, open to all of us...

I have added a website link to leslieflint.com you may find enlightening, and an indication of what can be achieved. However, people are seeking ‘direct contact’ with their loved ones, something the great Scottish Medium John Sloan conducted for Arthur Finlay, playing a major part in modern-day Spiritualism. The Leslie Flint tapes take one through a myriad of personalities, who describe the next dimension, or ‘World of Eternal Light’. If you seek 'Physical Medium’, then like a scholar seeking a doctorate, you will need to produce ‘new’ enlightened work. Speaking in a garbled voice, giving non-evidential chitchat, is not genuine ‘Trance’. You will need to project clarity, not talking about already known information, or at least to be capable of articulating words beyond that churned out by the fakes. Distorted jumbled words will not suffice. Like the scholar, you will need more than tales of our loved-ones; living in a cottage with a clear running stream, surrounded by pretty fields and hollyhocks in the garden, is old worn-out idiocy.

What the world needs is ‘Direct Communication’ with loved-ones who have passed-on; proof, and more proof, is the benchmark and yardstick. The acid-test for a ‘Physical Medium’ is beyond ‘Victorian and Edwardian’ party games, but is it possible? Yes, it is! I have witnessed the genuine article, not in a group, or with the glare of publicity. No, in the confines of my spiritual teacher’s home; and yes, when you see and hear the real thing, you will not accept second best... The points you bring up within your words about sensations and tastes are simple spiritual awareness, or wishful thinking. I am not your teacher, as such I am not in a position to be in anyway judgemental. Still, if you are gifted, it will open; if not, like a faded flower, it will wilt and fade away. Physical Medium is not everything; we all possess special gifts, if they are to open, they will. If you are asked by the ‘Great Spirit of the Universe’ to serve, you will - no matter when, where, or how... Take comfort in the knowledge of spirituality; like a great river runs throughout humanity, every flower holds its own scene, fragrance and splendour – seek and you will find – true happiness is gained through inner peace, knowledge and tranquility.

I wish you well and hope you enjoy the words of Leslie Flint...

In Light and Peace


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