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Physical mediumship
Date: 17 November 2013

Hi Stephen, hope u can help me. I have sat in development circles for a very long time previously, I have unexpectedly gone into a trance at a medium friends home. I occassionally meditate alone, during one time i became very confused as I had a sort of sulpher taste in my mouth also was told of someone near to me was going to die (which did happen) I was invited to a physical circle, as soon as we began my solar plexis appeared to move in & out. The circle had chosen their sitter for the night but I had a difficult time trying to prevent myself from going into trance I even saw blue lights around me, was so beautiful. When the circle had finished I sipped my glass of water & had that sulpher taste in my mouth. My solar plexis was tender after we left also. I was allowed to be the sitter once in circle, I went into trance & apparently was making some very strange noises!!! I was never asked to sit again & could feel some disapproval from other circle members. Recently I was meditating alone & I was inhaling & exhaling icy cold area, then i reach a sort state of Euphoria, that I had not experienced before, I opened my eyes & saw my own breath quite clearly, even though my home was warm. I am certain spirit is drawing me to physical mediumship, but I am finding very difficult to get any help or advice, this area is very new to me. Throughout this experience I did not want my imagination to go on overdrive also, so I have read no books on the subject I want to keep true to myself. Any advice would be helpful Stephen, love & light

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