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Re: Mediums and psychics
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 November 2013
In Response To: Mediums and psychics (Janet)

This is a most interesting question, because some people do actually believe mediums are always one-hundred percent correct. This belief is one which has caused difficulties and problems throughout the pages of history and time. So, to find a suitable answer, one should look within a wider perspective, and consider inconsistency and variables. Take this as an example: look at any given person who works with any array of diverse disciplines. No matter what profession, medical, law, or sport, a person modulates between highs and lows; as such there will always be variants.

No individual, whoever they are, can work, or operate at their peak, at any given time, or for any constant length of time. One should also be aware that the process of communication, like any other, moves and modulates; sometimes the signal and message is clear, at other times the vibrations are weaker. An example may be when conducting a demonstration of mediumship, the audience, congregation, or group, may be more attuned to spiritual vibrations. If not, like anything, the flow is not as good, and results like any communication are not so clear. Likewise, there could be problems from our ‘Spiritual Companions’ and they may not, at this point, be strong enough to convey the messages from the ‘World of Light’. One can never account for the individual spiritual medium, or whether the receiver of the communication, is stalling for ‘one specific’ piece of information, which is problematic to say the least. Additionally, a consideration is whether the medium is accurate, or indeed, truly gifted, and of course you have to be patient, the communication you seek may take longer than you anticipated. Communicating with those who have passed into ‘light’ is always something very special, a privileged and wonderful experience. Over the years, there have been gifted mediums, who have demonstrated incredible, brilliant communication, given with clarity and accuracy, and others who are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

To become a genuine medium, one first needs to be gifted. The gift, like a delicate and precious flower, takes years and years to unfold, so recipients of the gift receive its own unique fragrance. Hence, it is important to recognise not all mediums are brilliant - in these days of people seeking instant results, there are less and less, higher developed mediums. Of course there are tricksters, charlatans, frauds and the self-deluded, who call themselves ‘mediums’, and are not mediumistic at all. As a result, proceed with caution and be patient – all comes to those who are prepared to wait...!

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