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Re: strange feeling when healing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 May 2010
In Response To: strange feeling when healing (annette)

Regarding your question, I have taken time to think; please find my thoughts:

But, first of all may I say that though I have over 30 years of experience in spiritual matters, I am not the panacea of all things. Nonetheless, my most important spiritual gift is not mediumship, healing, or clairvoyance, but common-sense. Nowadays sadly common-sense is becoming less and less common. Indeed, today there seems to be some strange and unrealistic ideas and concepts about something that is pure, natural, and divine by nature. The ‘Spirit World’ is a breath away, with a door, portal or opening that allows for a simple and natural communicative energy to interlink between the ‘Two-Worlds’, the bridge being unconditional love, in abundance and with peace and deliberate support of all life forces.

Therefore, when reading through your question I am drawn to a complication of a natural situation. The image you held within your own mind is a reflection of one of your own thoughts. First of all, you have to overcome fear, for fear is a canker and eats away at the heart of man. There is nothing in the Spirit World that will cause harm, pain, anxiety or distress. In many cases the problem lies in all of this growth in the paranormal, ghost, apparitions and darkness. There is nothing to fear from our friends and spiritual travellers who return from the ‘Eternal Light’. Spiritual friends, or as you refer to them as ‘Angels’, have more knowledge and are highly developed spiritual beings, not ones who frighten us, but enlightened soul guardians of peace and love. You mention Spiritual Healing, which in itself is the most wonderful of spiritual gifts. The feelings that you had were not picked up from the ‘World of Light’. In my honest opinion you are held within your own psyche. You mention the feeling of strangling; again this cannot be from any spiritual energy. Why, because there is no negative energy. I believe that there is a natural flow of energy, which runs through all things, and this is divine in nature. It is only misguided people who through their own inadequacies, develop and increase their own negative thoughts and allow themselves to enter and dwell within their own minds. Positivity will always prevail, but you have to use the power and conviction of your own gifts, spirituality and purpose and reasoning within the pattern of life.

So in conclusion, may I suggest that you seek to understand the simplicity of the bond between the Two-Worlds, which are the World of Earth and the World of Soul. Knowledge takes away fear, darkness, anxiety and trepidation, to be replaced by peace, tranquillity and understanding. My Spiritual Teacher and Mentor of 10 years always said: “Don’t blame invisible forces for your own shortcomings”: Words of enlightenment from a Spiritual Master, whose life was dedicated to lifting people out of the gloom of this world, into ‘Light’ through knowledge, understanding and spirituality.

In Light and Peace


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