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Re: Lost a close friend
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 October 2013
In Response To: Lost a close friend (Lauren)

Hello Lauren

Thank you for your question, which is very similar to many I receive. First of all, I would like to point out that the purpose of this question and answer page is to provide spiritual information, insight and appreciation about the subject of spiritual knowledge. Unfortunately, I cannot give specific questions, you may ask why? The answer is simple, no one person can possibly be in touch with everyone who has moved out from this ‘World of Earth and Matter’ and into the ‘World of Light, Peace and Harmony’. In basic terms, I can say we all move through the gateway of this world, and out, into the realms of eternity. We all have an ‘allotted period’ of what, in this world, we accept as ‘time’, but once, like grains of sand in a ‘Hourglass’, our earthy existence has gone, we all move into infinity, as we know it, a place of time without end.

I notice you live in Australia. From your words, it would appear you seek a medium for a ‘spiritual message’ of confirmation of eternal life? There are many spiritual mediums in Australia; perchance, you live in a city, or large town; if so, you might attend a ‘Spiritual or Spiritualist Meeting’? I cannot guarantee you will immediately find the exact answer you seek. Nonetheless, using the old adage ‘Seek and you will find’ - I wish you well. You’ve only another option, I deduce, via an internet psychic; unfortunately this will cost, and sadly there are no guarantees...

All I can say is, everyone of us must leave this world, and cast off the ‘mortal coil’, and yes, we are all okay. Movement between the “Two-Worlds” is natural; a part of life, because it is life. I say when conducting funeral services: ’We move from eternity, into this world, and then return back, into eternity’ - the ‘Circle of Life’ will then be complete...

I wish you well. I am sure, if you keep looking, you will find the answer you require.

Through Spirituality and Peace


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