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Re: Death
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 October 2013
In Response To: Death (Merriah)

Dear Merriah

Thanks you for your question, though I must say it is within the context of quite a few that are very similar.

I would like to point out that the purpose of this question and answer page is to provide spiritual information, insight and appreciation about the subject of spiritual knowledge. Unfortunately, I cannot give specific questions, you may ask why? The answer is simple, no one person can possibly be in touch with everyone who has moved out from this ‘World of Earth and Matter’ and into the ‘World of Light, Peace and Harmony’. In basic terms, I can say, we all move through the gateway of this world, and out, into the realms of eternity. We all have an ‘allotted period’ of what, in this world, we accept as ‘time’, but once, like grains of sand in a ‘Hourglass’, our earthy existence has gone, we all move into infinity, as we know it, a place of time without end.

However, you mention a wreck; one would assume you mean a wreck at sea? What I suggest is you make contact with a recognised ‘Spiritual Medium’. If not and it is possible, go to a ‘Spiritualist or Spiritual Church or Centre’. Though there is no guarantees, at least you are moving into the right place to make contact with your loved one. Please be aware there is no hard and fast rule, all is dependent upon the medium, the energies, and interaction of those who now reside in the ‘World of Light and Peace’. You mention you don’t remember what he sounds like. This is nothing uncommon, it happens to us all. Nevertheless, when we are reunited in the next world, all of these things are immediately overcome, as the re-union of souls is as natural as the air we breathe in this world.

Please remember like all things, when seeking there are those who can help, and many who can’t. There are charlatans, fakes and pretender; but there are the genuine, alas not too many though they are there. Try not to be fooled in the trappings of the ‘internet psychic’ that use the motivation of money. Yes, there will be a cost to you, like all of us it is effort, time and perseverance. The success of spiritual contact and verity is worth every Dollar, Pound and Yen, in this world, because it is priceless!!

With Showers of Peace


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