Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

My beloved late husband and soul mate gerry
Date: 22 September 2013

Dear Stephen,

I lost my husband tragically on September 3rd 2008 - he was 46 years old and I was 38. I do not have words to express the horror of my life without him. His death was caused by medical negligence, adding to the horror. You might think that five years on I should be able to "move on" or should already be on the road to normal living again.

I am not. At different times over the past five years I thought I understood what "rock bottom" was and that I had been there, and that the only way was to climb out of the mire. With each day that passes, I realise I have no idea what or where this place is, as my mind takes me to new places, each more horrifying than the last. This cancer of the soul is consuming me and there is no morphine to ease the pain of the heart and soul. I love this man as much now as I did in life, and this "life without parole" existence I have been sentenced to is unendurable.

I desperately need to talk to him, to tell him how much I love him and how sorry I am for not trusting my instincts when I knew that something was wrong. Please, can you help me? I so desperately need to hear from him.

Gerry's heartbroken wife Caroline