Spirits of the Titanic by Sophie Shapiro

The Voice of Many Waters
By:W.T.Stead <shapirosart@aol.com>

Name: Mr William Thomas Stead
Born: Thursday 5th July 1849
Age: 62 years
Last Residence:London, England
Occupation: Journalist
First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 113514 , £26 11s
Died in the sinking.
Body Not Recovered
[Information obtained from Encyclopedia Titanica]

William Thomas Stead did so much for the welfare of young children and class structure. Stead, saved a young girl of thirteen from a life of hell, and in doing so went to prison for three months. In July, 1885, the “Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon” was Stead’s highly scandalous expose of child prostitution. A tour de force of late nineteenth century prostitution, it exposed in graphic detail the entrapment, abduction and “sale” of young under-privileged girls to London brothels. In 1892, Stead believed he discovered his ability to receive communications in automatic writing. This was the beginning of his psychic activities. Stead claimed proof of survival in the form of a message received through his hands, from Julia Ames. Ames was a journalist acquaintance and editor of The Woman’s Union Signal of Chicago, who had died shortly before. On March 14, 1893, in an address to members of the London Spiritualist Alliance, Stead made his first public confession of faith, narrating the details of his discoveries and early psychic experiences.
Stead often wrote about the sinking of an ocean liner, the horrors and expressed great concern over the shortage of life boats on ships. Twenty six years later Stead died in such a tragedy. I know that he was a man before his time and take great comfort in knowing that he encourages me in my work. I dedicate his painting to him; a wise man, who will be remembered by like minded people, for a very long time. He died on April, 15th 1912 on The Titanic and his body was never found.

W.T. Stead never waivered from his intent. A man I admire greatly.