Spirits of the Titanic by Sophie Shapiro

About Me
By:Sophie Shapiro

My name is Sophie Shapiro and as an artist it is not always easy to express one’s ideas and work. I believe that my work expresses what I think and feel. It is impossible for me to give the exact date when I became interested in Spiritualism. It is something I grew up with and both my parents and grandmother had a natural interest in this subject. I have worked extensively with my mentor Mavis Henslow and she has been my seer in furthering my knowledge and understanding in this very important and exciting subject. My Spirit Guides work with me daily and have taken me on various journeys through history, time and events.

I have been very fortunate to acquaint myself with many interesting people who have long passed into Spirit life. It would be impossible for me to name them individually as the list would be endless; however their presence is apparent in my work. I am a conduit for Spirits work and together we produce the paintings that are now on view. I paint everyday and lend myself for them to demonstrate their abilities and attitudes to help and support many people. I am known as the passive observer as I attune myself to their presence. I understand what they wish to convey in an abstract visual sense.

I have been working extensively with one of my Spirit guides called Ida Straus, who perished on the Titanic. This has been a huge project, requiring a great deal of concentration and commitment. I have now completed this series and am in the process of writing a book and making a film.