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My epiphany
Date: 15 June 2017

Last year on my 62nd birthday I was hit with a tilde wave of spirituality. I became acutely aware of my spiritual place in the Universe. I became aware that God's spirit is universal and resides in all human beings. I understood that there is a place where our ancestors and loved ones who have passed before us, are awaiting for it to be our time to join them. I became aware that our Parents,family and friends are not in our life's by chance. They are in someway part of our journey towards eternal life and visa versa. I became aware that there are significant people who by "divine intervention"are put in our lives to influence us in a positive way and keep us on the correct path to eternal life.

Since then I have had, for lack of a better term, mini epiphanies.

It has been a wonderful spiritual enlightening experience and I feel blessed to have had it.