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Blue orb over homeless cat
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 21 April 2017

My neighbour across the street has been feeding five homeless cats for years and they started to come over to my garden. I also began giving them food and made a temporary house for one of them from a pigeon coop that was meant to go at the top of the garden. After feeding one of the cats (I named Topsy) she started to clean herself down and I decided to take a photo of her. When I checked the photo afterwards a large blue orb had appeared in the photo above her. My friends asked me was there a moon out that that night. The answer is no there was no moon because it was the first thing I checked for and besides the moon (when out) dose not appeare at the right side of my bungalow where the bins are located but appears at the back of the garden, and always high up in the sky.