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My Guardian Angel
Date: 16 March 2017

When I was around 5 yrs old, a man and his wife moved on my block... I was always drawn to him and he with I. He was very old I would say 70-80 yrs... my mother still says boy that Mr Henderson sure did love you... I would still on his lap, nothing bad, it was was very natural like I belonged, I remember him having his hand always pressed firmly on my back .... I can't remember how he left; its like he came and went from my life... So 40 +yrs later driving on a main highway I was crying and upset I had a cancer scare. Suddenly a flag appeared on the passenger side window and there he was: It was Mr Henderson telling me everything was going to be ok and it was !!!! Please tell me what this means ? I believe he's my Gardian Angel?