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A healing journey with the fairies
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 15 February 2017

We may see fairies and elementals as beings we can only find in area’s of unspoilt nature. But if you have affinity with these beings, you can meet them in all sorts of unexpected places – like in this healing journey.

An Inner Child in need

One recent evening, I felt an Inner Child part of me needing my help. As a registered Past Life therapist, I sometimes turn therapist for my self when old subconscious hurts are triggered and brought to life by everyday circumstance – be they from a past life long ago or from early childhood not so long ago. So I sat on my couch, closed my eyes and journeyed inside, to the little girl that needed my attention.

I found a little girl of about one and a half years old. She was the part of me that felt ignored and rejected by her father, and was still confused and hurt, wondering why he would not acknowledge her and connect with her.

In tears, she showed me she had lost her ‘little sun,’ a part of her that was golden and joyous. Thinking her dad did not love her, she had rejected part of herself. It hovered overhead, a little ball of golden light.

So I took her back to the time before she had lost her light. She lit up like a sun, golden light streaming from her body, her eyes, so much light it was almost daunting. Suddenly I understood how her dad could have been a little scared of her light. It was so much, and it was what he had never been allowed to be, he had not been allowed to shine in his own right. And this was so much light!

I could see her stretch out her little hands, and it was as if she was spinning around planets, universes, with her little fingers, playing with them as if they were toys. I held my breath in awe. Then I tried to let her take back her golden light, which was rightfully hers. But she couldn’t: her heart was still hurting…

Heart healing

I took my attention to her heart. There was something there that did not belong to her; a steely crumpled sheet of energy. Instinct told me it belonged to her dad. I let the child breathe it out, and sent soft pink energy to her heart to heal it.

I mentally called for the angels to help. I sensed them around me, but to my surprise, more visitors spontaneously arrived at the scene. They were Fairies!

Fairy healing

The girl laughed and stretched out her little hands to them, and the fairies danced around her, whirling and whizzing around in beautiful colours. Too little to dance or even walk, the girl moved her arms as if she was dancing.. and she was: dancing with the fairies! It felt as if her heart was being healed by their magic, their joy.

Suddenly I knew where these fairies had come from. They were the same ones I had known as a little girl in another life, who had lost her mother and felt misunderstood by her father as well.

Fairy friends from a past life

A little girl in England, my past life self lost her mother at a young age and was left in the care of her father. A poor hard-working man, he did not talk much, and did not understand much of his sensitive daughter, who saw things he did not see, and felt things he did not feel.

Lonely and left to herself, she had started to wander around the countryside and had connected to the fairies, who played with her and became her friends. In time she became more attuned to their world that she was to the world of humans… and even started playing fairy tricks on them.

Sadly, because they were unaware of the limitations of human bodies, the fairies did not understand the dangers in playing with a child in a place that had many bogs and pools.

When the child stepped into a hidden bog she drowned, with her fairy friends unable to help her.

Fairy healing in time

But magically, this time, hundreds of years later, they were able to help and they came, dancing and prancing around, making the little girl laugh out loud. Animals appeared as well, a little frog leaped about dancing and prancing in such a silly way, it made the child laugh even more, healing her heart with joy.

It was utterly moving to realise these fairies saw their chance to set something right after all this time, and came flying to my side without having even been asked.

Journey into Heaven

When her heart felt healed, I was just about to ask the girl if she was ready to re-integrate the golden ball of light when suddenly, I felt myself being taken up. The girl became smaller and smaller, as I was taken up into the universe, into the dark, and though I couldn’t see in the velvety darkness, I wasn’t afraid. It felt warm and safe.

The Library of the Self

Still, I would rather know where I was, so I said out loud: ‘Why can’t I see?’ Suddenly a light came on, from right to left, anti-clockwise. It lit up a beautiful dome of gold, a large round chamber with row upon row of big leather bound books. I held my breath in awe. The books were encrusted with shining jewels, and I knew they were all my lives, all the experiences I had ever lived. There were so many!

A woman appeared before me. Her ash blond hair floated around her, and she smiled at me with a face full of love.

‘Who are you?’ I breathed.

‘I am Ashantara,’ she said in my head. ‘I am here to help you with your task.’

I knew what task she referred to, if task is the right word. It felt more like a mission. To write those experiences, to bring those books alive. But there were so many! How could I possibly write them all-suddenly some of the books moved forward on the shelves by themselves. I knew what it meant, they would come to me, the ones that wanted to be written, each at their appropriate time.

I looked at the center of the domed room and there was the little girl, and I was awed at the thought this little thing had taken on such an enormous task. Tears sprang to my eyes. But then I saw her drawing and playing with sheets of paper and pencils already, and I knew she had been attuned to her mission from the very beginning. It was who she was, it was in her blood, and even in her own childish way, she was already doing her soul’s work.

A little help from a gnome

Curious, I ascended a stairway to have a closer look at the books that lined the round wall. They appeared to be pulsating with energy. I saw inhabitants of the books partially come out; dragons and other beasts, warriors and knights, and suddenly I knew: the books were alive! Awed, I walked around the dome with living books until my way was barred by a little table.

A gnome was seated on a stool behind it. I felt compelled to give him something, so I reached inside a purse that appeared to be hanging from my shoulder and put a gold coin on his table. He handed me a golden vial in return. It looked like honey.

‘For me?’ I said. I could almost hear him think.

‘Of course, for you, who else, silly human?’

I thanked him and put the vial in my purse.

Journey home to healing

I felt compelled to go back then, the journey had been tiring. I went back to the little girl and took her in my arms, and immediately we began to spin downward, back to earth.

I handed the gold vial to the little girl on earth and she took it, and was finally able to let the golden sun in. It was her self, I suddenly realized, attuned to the golden library of the Self up there.

She smiled a contented smile, glowing with golden light once more.