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Sarah materialises
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 22 January 2017

After about a year Graham returned to Coventry to live in his house that I had been renting off him and decided to look for my own flat. Our local council gave me a flat just across the street from where I lived before, which was ironic. I continued to visit Graham with a friend Peter. As normal we would all be discussing spirit and phenomena until the middle of the night. On this particular night Graham relayed an experience that he had when he first moved into his house, he went on to explain that one night he heard a noise upstairs and went to investigate. While walking down the long narrow hallway he could tell the noise was coming from the back bedroom, the same one I used to sleep in. He opened the door and noticed standing by the wall was a white figure of a lady. He calmly stood and asked her who she was, “my name is Sara and I used to live here many years ago”. Graham told Sara that it was ok for her to come and visit anytime she wanted and then she disappeared.

The following week we paid Graham another visit and once again stayed up till late discussing all sorts of subjects from UFO's, life on other planets and of course spirit, before we realised it, it was now about 1.45am. Graham mentioned that it was too late to walk home and suggested if we wished, the three of us could share a large double bed, we were so tried that we agreed. I slept by the window, Peter in the middle and Ron on the edge of the bed. I remember we carried on the same discussion from earlier while yawning our heads off. During part of our conversation Pete noticed a small dull white light hovering over the chair that was in the corner of the room. While observing the light we noticed another small light appear out of thin air, now there were two lights slowly moving around each other. After about three or four minutes of watching this phenomena I noticed that I was pushed right up against the wall, and without realizing it Pete and Ron had been gradually pushing themselves up the bed and squashing me to the wall out of fear from watching the light maneuvers.

The lights now started to move quicker as if diving in and out of each other while at the sane time becoming larger and seem to extend over the chair. Within minutes and to our amazement the white light now appeared as a very condensed mist and as quick as clicking your finger there in the chair sat a fully formed spirit lady. The three of us started to all talk at once. I volunteered to talk to the spirit and asked if she was Sara; immediately she nodded her head by saying yes. We noticed her hair was rather curly and she wore a kitchen pinnie that had butterflies printed all over. At this point we noticed the landing light switched on and we could hear someone walking down the hallway, the door opened and there stood Graham. We quietly whispered to Graham that Sara was in the chair, he turned his head round the corner, bent slightly forward and said hello to the spirit form. Sara turned her head towards Graham and acknowledged him with a smile, and almost instantly Sara began to disperse all over the corner of the room and vanished.

Needless to say Pete and Ron were unsettled at what had just happened because they have never seen anything like it in their lives. Graham assured them that is was Sara and that she would never do anyone any harm. As for myself I was exhilarated once again to witness such an event. The next morning as we discussed Sara, Graham told me that I had a great work to do for spirit but wouldn't give any details which frustrated me.

I will mention here purely out of interest that over a period of about four years I visited five different psychics and mediums at events held in Coventry. The first medium I saw was a man from Canada. I sat down while he told me things about my life that were correct he then sat back while staring at me. The medium then went on to explain that I was here to do a great work with spirit that would take me round the world, he then put out his hand asking if he could shakes hands because it was an honor to know me. I felt a bit silly but done as he requested. The next four psychics/mediums all said virtually the same thing, each one giving a little more detail. The last medium I saw also asked could they shake my hand and mentioned they would watch out for me in the news. What it all meant I have no idea.