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Materialisation of spirit boy
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 24 December 2016

Spirit materialisation experience
Saturday, 01 May 2010

I am not too good at describing events so please bear with me. (50%) dyslexic.

There were two materialisation experiences which happened, the first one a few years ago and the second one a few months ago.

The first materialisation experience involved a small boy. Joan and myself were experimenting with EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena) at the home of the then world renowned physical medium of the 80ís and early 90ís, Rita Goold. We had been experimenting for about a year receiving some very good paranormal voices. As normal when I got home from Ritaís I would retire to bed thinking about the EVP experiments and would wonder if there would be any voices on the tape when I began filtering them the next day, and sooner or later at some point would fall off to sleep. On this occasion I was fast asleep when all of a sudden I was abruptly woken and saw facing me a small boy, pure white in appearance standing through my bed about two feet away from me. Although his form seemed solid to me, but his ectoplasm body must have been made from fine substance to be able to stand through the bed while at the same time appearing solid. I lent on my elbows looking him straight in his eyes, he then lifted his hand and pointed a finger to his lips I then received a strong impression that he was referring to the paranormal phenomena known as direct voice, whereby spirit entities are able to produce a voice box from ectoplasm and are able to be heard by people in the room. He then said (in my mind) his name was Topsy and it was at this point he simply disappeared into thin air. I informed the others what had happened and it wasnít long before Topsyís voice was heard on tape saying his name, which did sound like that of a small child.

The second attempted materialisation happened a few months ago (2013) and which I think is a bit more dramatic.

For a number of months I had been receiving a mind impression to attend an open circle at a spiritualist church where you can develop potential psychic or mediumistic abilities. I resisted for some time until the impression became stronger and more frequent and so decided to attend a circle at my local church. After the circle had finished I noticed there were a number of Psychic News papers at the back of the church which I paid for on the way out. When I arrived home I would sit with a cup of tea and read the Psychic news from front cover to the back and then go to bed. The visits to the church circle continued for four weeks and I was beginning to wonder what the reason was for it all. In the forth week after attending the Monday night circle I paid for the Psychic News as normal, went home read through it and went to bed. I couldnít get of to sleep which is normal for me because of two medical conditions and so began thinking about some of the articles I had just read, I think about ten minutes had gone by when all of a sudden I noticed a blue and whitish mist floating through the air to the bottom of the bed. Wondering where it was coming from I could see it was oozing through the quilt. I decided just to watch and see what would happen The mist continued through the quilt and started to condense in the air at the bottom of the bed becoming very thick, it was at this point and to my amazement a form started to appear in the mist but I couldnít tell if it was a man or woman. The form became very dense and started to raise its arms while at the same time turning them over again and again as if checking its progress. It then dawned on me that I was witnessing the materialisation of a spirit entity in real time and wide awake. The form turned its head in my direction as if looking at me. I started to become excited at the prospect of witnessing the full materialisation of a spirit. I then realised that the blue and white mist (vapour ectoplasm) was coming off me through the quilt and that perhaps the quilt must be hindering the process. I threw the quilt back and could then plainly see the vapour ectoplasm oozing from all over my body. When I threw the quilt back the mist started to diminish, I paniced and put the quilt back over me but it was too late. The spirit form turned its head towards me as if knowing what I had done and began to put its arms down at its side. Within seconds the form started to dissipate into the air and then finally disappeared altogether. The spirit did try the second night but wasnít able to achieve its goal. The one thing that puzzled me is that I have never in all my years as a medium, heard of ectoplasmic vapour mist being blue and white. I needed to find out if there were any other mediums that had the same experience, because this was totally new to me.

When I returned to the church circle the following Monday (now the fifth week), I told everyone about my experience, which they thought interesting. As normal on the way out I got my Psychic News. Well, low and behold when I arrived home what I should read, but an experience of a well know medium describing his experience of materialising a spirit person that was made from a blue and white mist that it used to form the spirits body. So there I had it at last in writing. Now I know why I had to go to the church circle all those weeks it was eventually to receive conformation in Psychic News about another mediums materialisation experience involving the blue and white vapour ectoplasmic mist.

Ever since that night I have regretted throwing that dam quilt back.