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10 months after her passing, my cat comes to me as an orb and moves around
Date: 15 December 2016

The following are pictures of Little Girlís orb and aura taken in February of 2016, 10 months after her passing to Spirit. I went to the same room where the pictures of the post below (ďA Big Orb Around Little GirlĒ) were taken a year earlier (when Little Girl was still alive on this earth). I sat cross-legged on the same low sofa where, working on my laptop, I used to spend hours with her sleeping on my lap during her life, facing the same floor-to-ceiling mirror that allows me to take pictures of myself with orbs. I called her at 4:43 am in mid-February, waited a few seconds, then took a picture with flash. I canít see orbs with my naked eyes; I can only see them on photos like the ones on this post, so when I take photos, I donít know if they will show some orbs or not. So I called her with love, and she appeared on the photo as a bright light surrounded by a vertical and oval pink aura, on the towel hanging on the back of the chair:

4:44 am: She is moving closer to me (half way between the chair and me). We can still see a little purple hue on the towel where she first arrived:

4:47 am: She is now on me:

4:48 am: She is on the ceiling, but just as a little bright light without her pink aura.

4:48 am: I called her again, so she came back to me (left of the photo) with a large pink aura. Could it be that the pink aura shows up only when she is feeling intense love and not when she is busy looking at something else?

4:49 am: She moved to the sofa (lower left part of the photo). No pink aura, maybe because she was busy moving on the sofa?

4:53 am: Her pink aura is back around her orb (upper right of the flash). If you look carefully, you will see 6 to 8 other orbs above us; they are pale, no pink aura, various sizes and intensity, including 2 on the right of the chair:

4:54 am: She is on my left, big pink aura. We can see her core light just to the upper left of the flash. I canít see other orbs but there is light pink hue about 18 inches above the chair, and there is a small white dot on the towel on the back of the chair.

4:55 am: It seems that she is moving down the sofa, her oval pink aura is almost horizontal. By contrast, on the first photo at the top of this post, her oval aura was vertical. Could the direction of the aura indicate movement? Below her oval is a white almost rectangular orb that seems to be moving also if the shape and direction of the orbs and aura indicate movement. I would love to think that this white light is our late cat White Paws (that Little Girl had raised as a kitten) but I did not ask, I was too busy with the camera. Otherwise in the room, there is a small pink dot on the chair and some white light above the chair.

4:56 am: She is moving to the right of the sofa, on the edge. Her aura is a pointed oval, almost horizontal, maybe because she is moving along the edge of the sofa, horizontally.

4:57 am: She is above my head with a large pink aura. Otherwise, there is an orb in the lower right corner of the photo (to the right of the legs of the chair).

4:58 am: I sent a lot of love to Little Girl and look what I got: She is rushing from the ceilling towards me. This might be the oval shape of her aura flying down very fast and forming some kind of cylinder. I was amazed: My Little Girl still responds to me and rushes towards me:

4:59 am: She is back with mommy.

5:01 am: She is on the cushion on the left of the picture. This big pink aura means that she still loves her mommyÖ.

5:04 am: She stayed on the cushion a few minutes then moved to the left of my head on the photo. There are no other orbs in the room, just Little Girl and me

5:53 am (almost an hour later): She is on my right on the photo, no loving aura this time.

5:53 am again: She appears on the towel, the first place where she appeared in the first photo above. The pink aura is back. This is almost the end of our meeting:

5:54 am: She is now on the leg of the chair, with a vertical aura. This is the last photo, as our sťance is now ended: