A Place where to Share your Spiritualist Experiences

By:David Rogers
Date: 13 December 2016

The following materialisation experiences happened over many of years. Some manifested close together in time and others years down the line up to the present day in the year 2010.

Like the rain
The year 1972. We had a spare bedroom that I often used to practice my yoga in. I found yoga a good way of keeping fit and to relax. Mum had popped down to the local for her evening tipple which meant I was on my own in the house except for prince (my dog). It was late and I decided to go to bed. I lay there not really trying to go to sleep when I became aware of a noise similar to when you can hear it raining outside trickling down the drain in the street, that rain came quick I thought myself. After a while listening to the rain I noticed it seemed to change and now sounded that it was no longer outside but was now in the bedroom next to me. I got out of bed to make sure and check if indeed it had been raining but to my surprise it was completely dry outside, I got back in bed and listened, the noise was still there.

Like other people talking from another room
From this night on when ever I went to bed I kept up my vigilance by listening for the noise. The noise no longer resembled falling rain but sounded like a group of people talking from another room. As I am sure some of you will have experienced when standing in a room and you could hear other people talking from another room but couldn'’t make out what was being said because of the walls, well this experience was similar to that.

The voices seemed soft which made it even harder to make out what was being said. I looked at prince on the end of my bed to see if he had noticed anything but he was wrapped in a ball trying to sleep.

A figure walked in the bedroom
I lay in bed for quite some time listening to the voices and decided I would try to talk to them, hello I said who are, what do you want, but there was no reply. The voices came night after night and I didn’'t mention any of it to mum, I would lay there in bed asking for the voices to talk to me until one night I had quite a surprise. I continued to encourage the voices to make contact but instead of just hearing the voices I saw what seemed to be figures. Something moved by the wall, as I watched in amazement a figure walked in the bedroom then another and another, three dark shapes walked through the wall and stood along side my bed. When I realised what was happening fear griped me and I shot under the bedclothes shouting out get out of my room. my hart began racing as i lay under the blankets for a few moments trying to clam down. eventually i raised my head hoping the figures were gone, i pulled the sheet back and all was clear. i eventually calmed down but i had to get out of the room, i went down stairs to make a drink, mum had arrived home and was asleep on the settee, i decided not to disturb her and went back to bed. prince was still asleep dreaming and making noises. i lay thinking about the three people who had just walked in my room through the wall and i was going over in my mind what they looked liked. there were two men and a woman dressed in cloths that i call the quality street times from the picture on quality street sweets packets. the men wore top hats coats and the woman wore a bonnet, long coat and her hands were wrapped in a large round muffin.

Black figures stood in my room
The next night the same thing happened in walked the black figures through the wall and stood in my room; I managed not to dive under the blanket this time but pulled the sheet under my chin ready just in case. I quickly looked at prince but he was oblivious to what was happening. I lay still as I observed the figures, I could see they were talking to each but I couldn'’t hear what they were saying. I decided to interrupt them and at the same time dive for cover. Who are you I said in a timed voice they turned towards me and smiled, to my surprised I didn’'t feel threatened and asked further questions, what to you want?, I could see there lips moving but I couldn’'t hear any sounds. I told them this but it made no use, so I lay and watched as they would carry on talking to each and after a certain time they would turn towards the wall walked through it and disappear. I became used to the figures each night appearing and disappearing I even looked forward to seeing them it became an excitement with anticipation.

The noise moved into my right ear
They continued to visit me every night for about fours months. When my three visitors left on this night it was to be the last time I was to see them and also realised that the noise was no longer in my room but had moved into my right ear. I was never sure if the voices in my right ear belong to the entities because I couldn't make out what was being said. My spirit visitors called as normal standing chatting and then disappearing through the wall, I wasn'’t to know at that time but this would be the last time I would see my quality street friends as I came to call them, they finished their chatting then turned to me they took one last look smiled, waved and walked into wall and disappeared.

The nun
I continued my vigilance looking to the wall when all of a sudden I could see a figure that kept coming forward while I just sat and waited and before I knew it there was a nun standing in my room she stood and smiled at me, I sat up in bed and waited to see what the nun would do, then I became aware of thoughts flying into my head it is hard to describe but I knew they were not my own thoughts it was as if there was a voice inside my head and then I began to have feelings with the words and realised it was the nun using this method to communicate to me. She went on to explain that she lived in a convent in France about one hundred years ago and she showed pictures in my mind of the convent, I can’t remember most of the details now as it happened so many years ago, but I do remember she came every night to talk to me about spirit world and took me on all sorts of journeys in my minds eye. I became very close to the nun and we became good friends I will always be grateful to her for preparing me for what was my initiation into awareness of spirit and their world. I would keep all of these experiences to myself because I learned that if I spoke about them to people at work they thought something was very strange about me and it would be a very long time before I spoke to any one about them again.

The threatening Indian chief on his horse
Each night when going to bed I waited for my friend the spirit nun to make her appearance, she came as usual through the wall and stood at the end of the bed, which she had now been doing every night for six months. Tonight the feeling about her seemed different she was looking at me almost with a sad face, at that moment her words came into my mind, I have to go now and will not see you for a long time but I will one day returned to you, then all of a sudden an arrow appeared in her hands she then pointed to the wall, I could just make something out that was moving in the distant, I could see that it was large it came nearer and before I knew it there was a large horse's head coming through the wall and sitting on it’s back was a very large Indian chief. I asked the nun what was going on she then said to me I she had to go now and handed the arrow the chief, she turned to me said good bye and walked through myself and the bed.

I watched as she left and started to call out to her to come back, the nun turned saying that it would be OK and carried on walking until I could see her no more.

Get the hell out of my room
Not again I thought the nun has left now and here I am stuck with a big bloody Chief on a horse half in and half out of my room. I turned to the chief and before I could ask him what was to happen from here, he took the arrow and broke in half, I don’t know why but I took it as a sign that he was threatening me and shouted to him to get the hell out of my room how dare you threaten me get out. I think at the time he was trying to say something to me but I was upset with the nun leaving and thinking he was threatening me I just wasn'’t thinking straight, the chief turned the horse around and was gone. It was only afterwards I began to think I didn'’t even give him a chance to explain and thought that would be the last I would see of him.

I decided to treat them no differently than people in the body
I got up and went down stairs to make a cup of tea and sat the in kitchen thinking about the experiences with the spirit people, and I wondered if it was healthy for me to lay in bed every night and looking forward to these experiences, perhaps I was paying to much attention to it all and should just get on with life, but then I thought they are still people but in another existence so what is the difference in wanting to talk to them in their present state but still very much alive as to when they would have been on the earth, I decided there was no difference and that it was OK to look forward to meeting them and I should treat them no different as when they were on earth in the body. With this resolve I decided to meet these paranormal experiences head on and become more involved, instead of leaving the ball in their court I was going to seek and find. Over the months I ask the spirits many questions and not always receiving answers. I wanted to know why they came as often as they did, what was the purpose I had so many questions and was receiving very few answers.

The nun returns "I am your healing helper"
I went up stairs climbed back into bed with my thoughts turning to the Indian chief, would he return after my out burst at him. I laid and waited and watched the wall where they often came through, but nothing happened, oh well I thought that’s done it I won’t be seeing any more of the spirit Chief he will probably tell the rest of his sort to keep well clear of me. A disappointment came over me that I may never see the nun again, I know I thought I will call out to her and see what happens. Silently I called to her, while I waited, I watched the wall anticipating her appearance but the wall remained still with no sign of spirit life. In the end I gave up and laid down to go to sleep. Within a short time I could see the nun in my minds eye and the words came flooding into my head, he is with you now and I will always be near you for I am your healing helper, join with me and greet your friend the chief, at that moment I knew to look at the wall and in the far distance I could make out movement, slowly the figures came closer and in moments there was Chief on his horse and the nun standing by his side. Once again the chief held an arrow and broke it in half I waited this time and the nun said that the broken arrow was a sign of peace because a broken arrow can not be shot to hurt any one, so it was a symbol of peace. I looked at the chief who sat on his horse looking very tall and proud and the look on his face seemed to say, what would I do this time.

I turned to the nun and said I accept the symbol she looked pleased, and then paid homage to the chief and once again turned and walked through myself and the bed into the wall until she disappeared.

The Chief made the first move to communicate
At first I was reluctant to speak because I found the Chief a bit threatening sitting on his high horse, then the Chief made the first move to communicate. He told me that he would like to be my friend and hoped that we could work together; I asked him what did he mean by working together and he replied that I would know in time. I would like to mention at this point that we both became great friends and he was to train and work with me for the next eight years along my psychic friend Joan Bradbury. We both witnessed some amazing psychic/paranormal events over those eight years.

I am an objective clairvoyant
I have often been asked what do I mean when I say I see them walk into the room through the wall, it is exactly that, I see them not in my minds eye which is known as subjective Clairvoyance, but in real time, full life size standing in the room, their first appearance is best described as misty white, transparent and three dimensional sometimes looking more solid at times than others (this i suppose will be because of the varying degrees of ectoplasm being available). They can best be compared to real people in every sense except for their whitish appearance. The three quality street spirits were dark or black in appearance and why they should have been different I never did find out. I have since learned that spirit can manifest in a few different ways while using ectoplasm. On occasions they can be as solid as you or I and to touch. On other occasions again they look solid but can change their frequency and walked through solid objects or put objects through their bodies (as demonstrated in the Rita Goold circles). Spirit has even changed the physical vibration/structure of furniture by moving it from one room into another. On one occasion at Rita’s circle a high wicker chair along with the cat still sitting in the chair was moved through the wall into sťance room.

My spirit visitors were alternating their frequency semi-solid to solid
My spirit visitors looked misty at first as they walked through the wall and then start to become more dense as they stand in my bedroom, this tells me that they were alternating their frequency semi-solid to solid as they saw fit. When they looked totally solid the ectoplasm was very dense and I couldn'’t see through them at all.