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Full direct voice experience: Man looking for his golf ball
By:David Rogers
Date: 13 December 2016

At Graham's house, I was given the very back bedroom that over looked right onto the ex-monastery and grounds. Graham was a medium and a very popular person and you were sure to find him discussing all sorts of subjects with the friends that often visited and we would sit up till late in the night talking about everyone’s favorite subject, spirits and spirit world. After a night of long discussion I became very tired and went to bed, while drawing the curtains and looking out the window over to the ex-monastery it always seemed to give off an eerie atmosphere.

My bed was next to the wall and on my right side was a fireplace. As I lay in bed and going over in my mind what graham had talked about I began to hear a strange noise. I immediately sat up paying more attention, next I heard a groaning sound that seem to be over the fireplace. I listened intensively and could plainly hear a man’s voice. It began by saying “where’s my golf ball, what’s happened to it, where is my golf ball”. I interrupted and said hello, the voice then said “who are you, where’s my golf ball”. I bolted backwards to the headboard as the voice seemed so near. I began to think that perhaps this spirit didn’t realise that he has past over. I replied by saying “listen to me I don’t think you realise that you have passed over into spirit, you need to look for the light, there will be people who will help you, you must go through the light”, he called back asking “who are you, what’s happening”. His voice began to sound very fearful and scared; I started to feel sorry for him as he was obviously lost. His last words showed this intense fear and again he repeated “where is my golf ball, oh no, oh my God, oh my God. The voice started to fade in to the distance while still repeating the same sentence over and over again “oh my God” and then it was gone. I felt disturbed at what I had just heard and witnessed and had difficulty going to sleep. I just hope I didn’t make matters worse for him and that someone on spirit side was able to help.

A week later I told some friends about my experience of hearing the spirit voice. About two weeks after telling my friends, we once again met up with each other and one of the friends said she had something interesting to tell us. This friend (a church circuit medium) told us that she has a niece whom, she had only just found out, started work about three weeks ago at a golf course on the outskirts of Coventry; she told her niece who has an interest in the paranormal about my experience and her niece’s response was surprising. The niece began describing an incident that happened. She mentioned that one of the golf members at this niece’s work place had collapsed and died while playing a round of golf and so now we wonder if this man is one and the same as the spirit voice I heard.

David Rogers