Self Healing

How to Do Pranic Healing
Author/Service Provider:Amie Comeau

Pranic healing is experiential. Demonstrations or activities talking about pranic healing deliver only part of the practice. It is necessary for a person to attempt to experience prana, or pranic healing, as a part of his own self-study. Introspective exercises can be helpful. The support of a community in practicing pranic healing provides deeper, expanding knowledge.

Breathing is a common denominator among all people and animals. Containing the breath and adapting skills to manipulate the breath create particular effects to the body and mind. Bringing awareness to the activity of breathing draws an inward focus. This is a vehicle for self healing.

Meditations and imagery help to usher the mind toward open receptivity. Anyone is able to perform pranic healing at will. Some need to be guided through the use of hearing auditory suggestions. Prana is described as the energy contained within the activity of breathing. Pranic healing is describing the focused awareness directed by the breath with intention. The process of moving your awareness inward is a learned skill.

Pranic healing breaths can be practiced every day. A simple and specific breath is the deep abdominal breathing used to achieve initial relaxation. Start by making the body comfortable, hands in lap while seated, or palms facing upward from a prone position, back against the floor. Fill the lungs with oxygen slowly and mindfully, feeling the lower belly, side belly, back body expanding to its maximum. At the top of the inhale, pause and notice. Then, slowly begin to exhale any attachment to thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas. At the bottom of your naturally deep breath, before the next inhale, take pause and concentrate on the space between exhale and inhale. Repeat as much as necessary.

As the body relaxes, witness your thoughts. Prana is created with a deepening inhalation and directed with awareness toward the emotion, disease, sickness or pain in an exhalation. Focusing your intention to heal the affected area is the primary component to pranic healing. Breathing deeply assists with relaxation but focused awareness and mental clarity moves you toward creating change in your thoughts and physical form.

Accountability in your own self healing is measurable. Practicing deep breathing daily will make gazing inward more easily achieved. Variety is also of importance. If practicing a four-count of inhale and a four-count of exhale for 10 minutes daily has you bored and anxious, change your breathing technique to suit your daily intention.

Deeply inhaling and forcefully exhaling is a breath technique that can bring you closer to your inner primal energies. It can be used to help ground yourself during times of stress. A quick walk and five minutes of expelling the breath like a dragon breathing fire is wildly releasing of unnecessary anger and frustration.