Self Healing

Self Healing Techniques
Author/Service Provider:Amy Phoenix

Healing the mind, body and spirit is a power that we all hold inside. As soon as we get a cut, experience a trauma, or even do something as simple as lose our keys, all of our defenses go to remedy the situation and make it whole. Self-healing techniques assist the natural process of returning to wholeness in various ways through attending to specific life aspects of an individual. This article highlights a few of the many areas of focus for self healing.

People are usually drawn to self healing because of a physical ailment. Improving your diet through increasing fruit, vegetable and water consumption along with foods believed to offset whatever illness you are experiencing can prove to be healing.

Some techniques for healing on the physical level include: incorporating daily exercise and relaxation, self massage for pain relief and mobility, and raw food and other natural diets based in whole foods.

The power of the mind, positive thinking, visualization and how we relate to our thoughts are some areas of self healing on the mental level. The mind-body connection points to a link between how we think and feel about ourselves and what manifests in our lives, including illness. In healing your mental state, various tools can be used to clear negative thinking patterns, increase positive and honest self talk, focus on what is wanted in life, and take appropriate and forward moving action based on sound thinking.

Affirmations are positive statements a person can say or write to himself to affirm attributes, characteristics and desired qualities. The statements retrain the mind to produce a positive outlook while anchoring into the true sense of reality without judgment. In self healing, a person may affirm he is healed and whole to affirm a base belief that this is true and bring it about through the power of belief.

Meditation is a technique that is used for healing to provide space and clarity about a person's core essence and who she thinks she is. The space created allows a person to see flawed thinking, to release it and to affirm personal worth and well being. Meditation and visualization are often used together to use the power of the imagination to bring about a healing experience.

Releasing and transforming negative emotion while relating to feelings in a way that allows you to feel a sense of personal choice is a form of self healing.

Various techniques for healing on the emotional level include: the emotional freedom technique, a combination of energy therapy and affirmative statements; focusing, a technique to invite feelings and receive signals those feelings are trying to convey to make changes; and conscious breathing to experience feelings fully.

Connection with your spirit or the Source of Life brings about a feeling of faith in healing that can be considered a technique in itself. For some, spiritual self-healing is about transcending consciousness and for others it is about placing trust in the hands of their Creator. The many forms of spiritual healing include, but are not limited to: prayer, Reiki, energy work, Theta healing, shamanic journeying, chakra healing and unconditional love. Spiritual healing techniques generally aim to reconnect a person with wholeness through enhancing awareness of spirituality on many levels.

Tips and Warnings
The information provided in this article is not intended to substitute for appropriate medical or mental health care.

If you are receiving health care it is recommended that you continue while using self-healing techniques.

If you are new to self healing, you may consider consulting with a minister or other healing facilitator to assist you in establishing a self-healing routine.