Self Healing

How to Use the Power of Touch for Self Healing
Author/Service Provider:Dr Susan Jewell

There are many ways to heal the body-and using the power of touch is a powerful skill to learn and apply for self-healing and to reduce stress. Touch should be healing. Touch should uplift the soul. We all can learn to heal others and society through the power of touch.

This article will show you how you can learn to feel-and apply these techniques to increase the quality of your life.

Learn to listen and feel sensations; this is very important if we want to harness the power of healing touch. Learn to be still and quiet for 10 minutes. Silence or tactile silence is a technique that you can develop over time with practice. First, close your eyes and concentrate on stillness. Focus on your hand and fingertips and be consciously aware of your fingers, hand and palm. Repeat the process with the other hand, and then again. Practice one hand at a time and then both together.

Use tactile scanning as another way to develop touch power. Pick up an object and scan it for texture, sharpness or dullness, roughness or smoothness. Feel for any sensations while you are scanning the object with your fingertips. Feel for heat temperature changes or vibrations. Slowly scan every inch of an object or body, impartially feeling whatever sensation is present, anything from heat to vibrations. Feel for surface change, temperature changes or texture changes.

Run your hands over a person's back. Place your hands about an inch over the skin of the spine and back, moving your hands slowly up and down from head to tail. See if you can detect any changes. Subtle temperature changes in the body can be felt by skilled hands through touch. Are there areas you notice to be hotter or colder? Any difference can be meaningful. The greater the difference in temperature, the more significant it becomes. For example, colder areas are more chronic; they have been there a longer time. Hotter areas are more recent events and referred to as acute.

Place your fingers on the opposite side of the vertebrae and moving vertically along from the lumbar region and pressing gently on each vertebrae bone, feel the vibrations, temperature and texture. Touch healing can be applied to any part of the body, for example the thoracic or chest area. The spine in this area is called the thoracic spine and is made up of 12 thoracic vertebrae. There are also twelve pairs of ribs.

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