Self Healing

About Negative Energy
Author/Service Provider:Shelley Moore

We all know people who exude negative energy. Perhaps you have a friend who challenges everything you say. You have a co-worker who points out the negative aspects of everything. These people drain your energy and you may feel depleted when you finally get away from them. In addition, you may be generating negative energy of your own. There are ways to deal with these situations and change the energy to something more positive.

Conversing About Positives
"Oh great. The sun is shining. I'll probably get skin cancer." Do you know anybody who thinks like that? That's a negative energy type. Even if they're people you love, you may find yourself wanting to avoid them. Try changing the energy by talking about something positive that you both have a common interest in, or something the other person feels good about and enjoys discussing.

Focus on the Positive
It's not necessarily beneficial to be blindly optimistic, but some people go through life always expecting the worst and complaining about everything. If you find yourself falling into this trap, you can wind up ruining positive life experiences. Don't spend a trip worrying about flat tires or traffic tickets or car breakdowns. Complaining about the temperature or the humidity or the crowds drags everybody down and can make for a less-than-happy vacation.

Other People
Begin sending loving thoughts to somebody you find hard to get along with. Instead of becoming confrontational, be friendly to this person. Give a compliment. By sending positive energy rather than negative, you might be surprised at how well the relationship smooths out.

Living in the Now
Every morning, remember that you are living from now forward rather than focusing on the past. In particular, stop fueling the energy of negative past events. If you did something wrong, make amends. Contact somebody you hurt and apologize. If this isn't possible, then use the situation to make yourself a better person and treat others in your life with more thoughtfulness. On the other hand, if people have hurt you and you've had trouble getting past it, resolve to forgive them and to realize they were most likely only doing the best they knew how at the time.

Recognize all of the good things you already have in your life. Learn to look at the glass as half full. Write a list of the things you are grateful for and carry it with you to read from time to time.

Repetitive Thoughts
Throughout the day, pay attention to how often negative thoughts run through your mind. This goes on much of the time without you even noticing. Psychologists say people think about 40,000 thoughts a day, and almost all of them are simply repetitions of previous thoughts. This is an excellent chance to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Dissipating Negative Energy
When you're feeling stressed and pessimistic, listen to any of your favorite music that is uplifting and makes you feel better. Take an aromatherapy bath. Go for a walk in your favorite area, perhaps a park, or go for a drive if that tends to help. Dance or go for a bike ride, or get some other enjoyable exercise in. Call a friend and talk. Take a siesta with your cat or dog. Do some volunteer work and help others less fortunate. Do whatever it takes to unload that negative energy and get yourself into a more positive frame of mind.