Self Healing

How to Heal the Mind Through Shamanism
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According to the religion of shamanism, it is possible to heal struggles of the mind, such as anxiety, mental illness and even addiction, with shamanic healing. The practice of shamanism believes there are 2 worlds--the world we live in and the spirit world--and followers believe we must first heal the spirit in order to heal the mind.

Understand Shamanism

Decide on the mental health results you are hoping for by researching the history of shamanism. Begin at the Joseph Campbell Web site (see Resources below).

Investigate different types of shamanism to determine which practice is right for you. Siberian shamanism, Korean shamanism and South American shamanism are all unique forms of the religion working under the same principle.

Practice Self Healing

Meditate on your problems and visualize healing them. Shamanic tradition holds that afflictions of the mind are caused by afflictions in the spirit.

Try taking a personal journey to the spirit world through spiritual drumming. Drumming can provide a meditative, healing state to help resolve your mental conflict. You may wish to join a drum circle in your area.

Research the influence of power animals. Perhaps you feel that you, too, have a power animal protecting and guiding you. Take some quiet time and ask your power animal to guide you through a healing journey.

Consider working with energy stones to shift the energy in your body to a positive state. This may help your mental affliction.

Work With an Actual Shaman

Interview a shaman to better understand what healing the mind through battling with the spirit (or working with herbal remedies) would feel like.

Search for a practitioner trained in shamanic healing through word-of-mouth recommendations or Web sites like the Healing Arts Network (see Resources below).

Schedule a visit to heal your mind with the work of shamanism. Research the particular healing practice ahead of time so you feel comfortable during your session.