Self Healing

Simple Steps To Release Emotional Pain
Author/Service Provider:Susan Montello

This article discusses the 3 steps in the 'Forgiveness Letters'. You are able to let go of the pain in your own life along with experience the joy and the love that you deserve.

An extremely effective method, is known as the 'forgiveness letters'. I initially heard about it it introduced by John Grey. It consists of writing three letters.

The very first letter is termed the 'feeling' letter.

Create a letter to the individual, place or issue that you might be dwelling on. It is usually a letter to someone who disregarded your feelings, who is not performing what you need him/her/it to, or your home for burning down -- Wherever your pain sits. It doesn't make a difference if the recipient of the letter is alive or in a position to examine the letter or not. Just jot down the letter and allow your feelings of hurt, frustration, betrayal, disappointment, and so forth, to flow onto the paper.

The second letter is termed the 'reaction' letter.

This is actually a letter that you publish up next; that's from the recipient to you. It's a letter written for you that says exactly the loving and nurturing words you need/want to have said to you. It does not make a difference if they can be things that might ever before be uttered or not, the important thing is that you put to paper what you need to listen to.

The third letter is called the 'forgiveness' letter.

The forgiveness letter can be a less involved letter from you for the offending person or thing. The letter needs to include phrases of forgiveness and love. When you're not yet in a position to do that, then explain to them that you need to forgive them. Carry on producing letters until you're in a mind frame to forgive them.