Self Healing

About Psychic Self Defense
Author/Service Provider:Eleanor Jewell

When we think of self defense, we think of the protection of our physical bodies. But when we speak of psychic self defense, the focus is instead on the harm another may inflict on our inner self. In short, psychic self defense can best be defined as your "intuitive protection" against those who wish to harm your mind or spirit. We all have the ability to transfer negative energy, and psychic self defense helps to guard against the dark force that motivates our enemies.

Our psychic self defense is gifted to us by our higher self. When something just doesn't feel right, or you suspect that someone is not being truthful and cannot be trusted, you are receiving information from another level of your being. Often ignored, these feelings or "vibes" are your intuition's way of telling you that you had better think twice about the situation. This intuition is your psychic self defense. If heeded more often, you may be less apt to allow the feelings of guilt, shame, hurt and self doubt that others bestow on you to infect your mind and affect your health.

The world can be cruel, and psychic attacks can come in many forms. They often are a result of the thoughts and actions of those in whom we place our greatest faith and trust. Jealousy and envy in others can create dark emotions, resulting in destructive behavior and thinking. Unaddressed, these manifestations can maim and cripple our own sense of well being. Although you may not at first suspect that a jealous person means to belittle or whittle down your self esteem, eventually his dark thoughts can be picked up on by your inner radar. An uneasiness or doubt that begins to arise when you are around this person, or are thinking of him, is your psychic self defense kicking in. Recognizing it is to your advantage.

For those that practice psychic self defense, it is often believed that their positive auras can counteract psychic attacks. Techniques such as aversion, which entails forcing your mind to believe only in the positive and extinguishing all negatives, will weaken any effect that verbal or mental badgering will have on your psyche. It is also theorized that by developing your precognitive warning system, you can intercept the harmful effects of psychic attacks before they have the opportunity to strike. The precognitive warning system means building up your positive aura through meditation and taking control of your unconscious mind. By always keeping a clear head and maintaining a constant awareness, you will project positive energy that will deflect negative.

Although the term "psychic" often conjures up thoughts of tarot cards and fortunes, those associations are a drastic version of the psychic reality. It is believed that everyone is born with an intuition, which some would say is a form of psychic ability that can be developed. Taking time to meditate, exercise and eat a balanced diet will help keep your body and your mind balanced. Being aware, and listening when that little voice inside of your head speaks to you, even when logic tells you otherwise, will help keep you safe. You can rely on your own intuition, especially when it proves over time to be correct.

It is worthwhile to mention that psychic self defense is also a useful form of protection against the threats to our mental stability that can manifest in our own psyche. Our own negative thoughts and worries can cause us to attract the very circumstances that we fear. The theory of psychic self defense enlists the belief that replacing worry with positive thoughts will steer the universe in a positive direction, and finally bring you peace.