Self Healing

How to Use Visualization for Self-Healing
Author/Service Provider:Laura Silva

You - and every one of us for that matter - have the ability to harness an internal healing power that is stronger and more efficient than any modern medical practice on the face of the planet. The healing power of the human mind is so strong that it actually has the ability to reverse the effects of even the most devastating diseases.

So you're skeptical. It would be surprising if you were not. The modern world has most of us convinced that it takes a pill or an advanced diagnostic test or treatment of some kind in to handle most of what ails us. When in reality, we have the ability to heal ourselves, if we can just tap into that inner spiritual strength.

Generations of distancing ourselves from our spiritual roots is what has made it so difficult for the untrained individual to bring about real self-healing. It is possible though to find the path back to those roots and to bring about real and lasting change for ourselves.

The human mind has the power to heal like no other remedy in the world. The mind is a powerful healing tool that when tuned properly, has the ability to rebalance us in a manner that no drug or other medical treatment can achieve.

Your mind is completely and uniquely capable of healing your body. No matter what the physical ailment or illness you may suffer from, it has a spiritual aspect. When the spirit is disconnected and suffering, the body suffers as well. Understanding this connection is central to bringing about true healing.

Through meditation and visualization you can repair the connection between spirit and body. Through that repair you will bring your mind, body and soul back into a healthy balance, making it possible for the healing power of your own mind to take hold.

No matter the challenges, stressors or illnesses that you may face, your mind has the ability to counter them. Through advanced visualization you can counter the effects of all the negative influences and conditions in your life.

Visualization is technique that is a central part of the Silva Method, a proven program of self-healing which has been in existence for more than 40 years. The program can have benefits that expand well beyond self-healing, into all aspects of life, and the ability to visualize one's self happy, healthy and prosperous is of crucial importance to success within the method. Learning how to visualize is easy.

If you're like most modern people, you depend heavily on modern medical treatments just to deal with everyday life. You may take several medications, might have gone through counseling, and might frequently have expensive medical tests run, all in an effort to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.

The fact is that what ails you is probably not going to get better through any of these means. You do have the power to be well though, and through visualization and other proven self-healing techniques you can live the life that you desire. You simply need to learn how to tap into your own inner strength.

For over 5 decades The Silva Method has helped millions of people around the world achieve their highest potential by working with the mind. By expanding the mind's capabilities through meditation techniques for beginners, creative visualization, mental exercises, and self-improvement, graduates of the Silva Method have gained profound achievements and lasting transformation in their lives. Learn how to visualize with the Silva Method http://www.silvalifesystem.com/articles/visualization-techniques/how-to-visualize