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Vancouver: Pretty Autumn Colors in the West End
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 31 October 2011

Typical West End street at the end of October:

Haro St, near the Denman Community Center:

How our streets looked before their Autumn colors:
This is the end of Robson, near Stanley Park:

Robson St in the West End:

Autumn colors at Hornby and Robson, downtown:

More colors on Robson downtown:

Interesting sculpture corner of Broughton & Robson
(it perfectly matches the fallen leaves around):

Denman St at night:

We have many Starbucks in the West End; there are 2
more within one block of his one, Denman & Robson:

The old Sylvia Hotel: Isn't she pretty in her Autumn colors (mid October)?

Below: Full view of the Sylvia (mid October):