Sarah’s Travels

California: Happy days on the beaches of Oxnard
By:Sarah in Oxnard
Date: 22 January 2011

Blending, blending with the sand, the ocean,
the sky, the sun…. No more Sarah for a while….

All the worries disappear...

More blending…

You can see above the horizon, a satellite being launched
from the Vandenberg Air Force Base (Jan 2011):

The beach and dunes, just behind the
Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach, Oxnard:

Part of the resort of the Embassy Suites:

Garden of the resort:

Another view of the garden:

Cute little bridge:

Bad photo of a great moment: Moon light on the ocean,
from the second floor of the Embassy Suites:

Zoom on the feeling of blending with the movement of the waves...