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My Secret Jogging Place in San Diego
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 26 March 2017

I prefer not to identify this place cause it's kinda not totally public but some of you, familiar with San Diego, will recognize it. This place saw its share of cruelty in the early times of San Diego. I go there to remember those who lost their culture, and eventually their lives, to the white invaders. Still, the vibes of that place are calm and serene when we just pass, when we don't think too much: There is a superficial aura of redemption there, because many good people work hard to keep this place impeccable, just focusing on the present moment, without addressing the historical illegitimacy that floats in the air in the form of orbs at night. Again, in passing, it's good.

I often give this plant a kiss when I jog beside it, or if somebody is looking, I just touch it with my hand: