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Stanley Park - Part 2: The Lawns and Trees of the Rose Garden
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 12 August 2015

This area of Stanley Park is just south of the Rose Garden. Lots of wedding pictures here. One way to arrive here is using the beautiful South Creek Trail that comes from Beaver Lake:

Pleasure to introduce my favorite tree in the whole world. There is no worry, no sadness that resists half an hour laying down under this tree and watching the sky through its branches because a feeling of eternity soon takes over and puts daily things in perspective:

Feeling of eternity yes, but always with the knowledge that trees die, we lose them, we get heartbroken… My tree from a short distance:

Another view:

Standing just under:

One of my tree’s neighbors:

The stump of a big tree nearby:

The lawn:

A view of the lawn beside Highway 1 that crosses Stanley Park (and Canada):